Time to Get Healthy! 7 Freshest Juice Bars in Klang Valley
When it comes to beverages, milk teas undoubtedly still dominate the scene for many youths, but allow us to offer a healthier alternative – fresh juices! Juice bars have been popping up one by one in the country. You might be rolling your eyes at us now, but hey; it’s been very hot lately and it’s more important than you think to stay healthy!

So, for the sake of keeping you healthy, we’re taking a look at 7 of the hottest juice bars around town today!

Hailing all the way from Taiwan, DaYung’s Tea has a 16 years old history in fresh juice-making. Their reputation has pretty much skyrocketed the moment they stepped onto Malaysian shores. Not only do they taste good, the presentation is also what attracted many people to stop by and have a look. We recommend the Mango Smoothie and Cherry Tomato Smoothie, but DaYung’s special Kumquat + Basil Seeds and Fresh Fruit Tea are just as refreshing!

(Credit: JUICY Malaysia 쥬씨)

A popular juice bar from South Korea, Juicy has now come to Malaysia! Fresh and reasonable are what they go by. A glass of juice is priced at from RM6 and it’s worth it because you’re paying for utmost freshness and a bunch of nutrients that will do your body good! Juicy offers two types of beverages — one blended exclusively from a single fruit and the ‘fusion’ ones blended from two different fruits. If you’re wondering what to get, may we suggest the avocado and chocolate banana?

Juiceee is more or less the representative of local fruit juices, made from blending local fruits to create a variety of complex flavours. They offer both purely fruit juices and smoothies. Mango Mania is Juiceee’s most popular drink and it’s obvious why. (Hey, we’re Southeast Asians and liking mangoes is a part of our cultures!) The drink combines mangoes, passiona fruits and low-fat yoghurt into a cup. The result: A smooth-textured drink that’s cooling, sweet and slightly soured.

4. Boost Juice Bars 
Originated in Australia, Boost is no stranger to Malaysians as they have been in the country for quite some time now. We’re sure practically everyone knows them by now! Some of the drinks that are selling like hot cakes include All Berry Bang, Mango Magic, Banana Buzz and Watermelon Lychee Crush. Boost has a prime focus on low-fat and non-preservative drinks, which means pretty much everything they have to offer is 100% fresh and natural!

Juice Works is another well-received juice bar. With over 30 flavours to choose from, customers are ensured to be spoilt for choice. Despite the variety of flavours, Juice Works also allows their patrons to customize their own drink if they so wish to! A highly recommended drink is the Pink Passion, combining passion fruit, mango and strawberry to create a very unique flavour. The best part? It’s only 67 calories!

Cold-pressed juices that are non-pasteurised are what La Juiceria is is all about. They take their customers’ health very seriously; so serious that, in fact, they’ve written an entire step-by-step process that customers may follow for a body cleansing session and a healthier lifestyle. No sugar, preservatives or additives are added, and all their drinks are filled to the brim with all sorts of nutrients and vitamins for the sake of your health.

(Credit: Life Juice)

Life Juice was born out of a desire to provide genuinely good and healthy juices, straying from additional ingredients such as sugar and ice to ensure it’s 100% health thorough and thorough. One of the most unique flavours they have is The King, which combines durian, coconut juice, coconut flesh and organic cocoa. It’s delicious and absolutely fragrant. Another drink we recommend is the Bamboo Charcoal Lemonade, which – as its name suggests — fuses bamboo charcoal and lemons, both of which are essential for good health.
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