Time to Clear All Your Stress Away: 10 Eateries Serving Sweet Food!
Sometimes life exhausts us in all kinds of forms, from work to education. we all need things to destress ourselves with to temporarily get that rock off our shoulders. Today, we bring you 10 places serving desserts so adorable they would not only relieve you, but also heal you. Let these sweet treats take you away from your hectic life even for just a moment!

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Miru’s Dessert Café presents Shibuya honey toasts as their signature, with plenty of different toppings to choose from. What makes them stand out is that they offer flavours we don’t often find in other honey toast shops, such as cheddar cheese and pandan coconut! True to their slogan, they make your life a little bit sweeter.

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If you like taking pictures of aesthetically pleasing sweet treats and posting them onto your Instagram, then you mustn’t miss Foo Foo Fine Dessert! Confectioneries here are handmade and their ice-cream comes in unique flavours  balsamic vinegar, spicy chocolate, salty caramel coffee, kaffir lime and rose petal. Many customers come here for the Strawberry Tart w/ Balsamic Vinegar Ice-cream; an unlikely combination that’s just as yummy as it looks!

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Have you ever wanted to taste sweets the size of your palm? Xiao By Crutz is here to fulfill your wish! The menu offers a lot of French pastries as well as jams coming in a variety of flavours. Their pastries are very pleasing to the eyes and well-made — you'd never want to eat them because they’re just that pleasant-looking!

As they're known for their well-crafted macarons, many patrons purchase them as gifts. They even offer macaron towers! For pastries, a must-get is the Bear Necessity — a small cake consisting of oolong-infused chocolate mousse, passionfruit Belgian milk chocolate ganache, marzipan chocolate sponge and biscuit base. Like with the desserts of other cafés on this list though, it’s so cute you probably wouldn’t want to eat it!

A teddy bear-themed café that goes an extra mile to make even their food and beverages teddy bear-themed! You should totally get yourself a cup of teddy bear-themed coffee to blow some steam off. If coffee isn’t enough to destress you, they also have a gigantic and huggable teddy bear plushy. Trust us, it’d make you beary comfortable!

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The Pantry specializes in French pastries and serves breakfast and afternoon tea, so they’re only open from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Their signature Rose & Raspberry-glazed Croissant has a really special flavour that you can’t find anywhere else in Malaysia. Aside from pastries, they also offer pastas and burgers — all made with unique recipes.

For those who are fanatics of chocolate lava desserts? Here’s your calling, because Mad About Coco has the Heavenly Hazelnut Molten Cake to offer. Slice into it and watch all that hot chocolate flow out! Their signature Mad About Coco is also another treat you should check out — except the molten chocolate flows into the cake from the outside as it melts after you pour the liquid all over the surface. Truly a place for those mad about coco.

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While confectionery isn’t the main focus here, what confectioneries they have to offer are still very much worth the try. They’re all handmade and their selection varies from time to time. They offer an array of T2 tea imported from Australia and have a big selection of tea. Lovers of tea or hipster cafes in general definitely shouldn’t miss out on Hype Concept Café.

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Just as their name says, their confectioneries are pretty on their plates. Some of them are even bite-sized, perfect for those who are worried about big portions! Their brioches are gimmicky because the fillings are injected into them — literally! Yes, you heard that right, and with a syringe too. The fillings come in vanilla custard, peanut butter or chocolate. Even the sight of it is enough to get your tummy rumbling.

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Negative Celsius is different in the sense that they don’t conduct business in a spacious room, but rather in a vehicle. Still, they receive a lot of patrons who come to them for their macaron ice-cream burgers. You also get to choose the colour of your macaron as well as the flavour of ice-cream you want. Don’t forget to top them off with eight different toppings!

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