The Perfect Carbonated Drink & Food Matches That Burps Satisfaction!
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Feeling something amiss when you’re enjoying hot and spicy food or even deep fried food while you sip on plain water? That’s totally a no-no! You know you would love to sip on cold and chilling drinks just like how we love our Pepsi to be! Cold, carbonated and refreshingly good that enhances your food experience too! So many food to indulge on and these would be the perfect pairing with your favorite drink Pepsi! Can you guess which of these foods earns the first in the list that matches the most with the best fizzy drink? Let’s check this out!

8. Topokki

Pepsi, topokki, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
A popular Korean food that is often eaten and it comes with the famous sticky and soft rice cake, fish cakes and sweet red chili sauce. While enjoying it, you know it will be spicy and what helps to cool you down? Soft drinks! Satisfaction guaranteed!

7. Pasta / Spaghetti

Pepsi, spaghetti, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
There are many types of spaghetti's and which of those your favorite? Be it carbonara, pesto, aglio olio or the cheesy ones, any type of spaghetti will sure to entice your appetite isn’t it? A forkful of spaghetti and sip on the best fizzy drink, quench your thirst off easily too!

6. Cheese Tart

Pepsi, cheese tart, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
What? Yes. We’re pretty sure this is one of the best matches too! Crumbly and creamy cheese filling in the middle; a bite of the tart and drink some Pepsi, match made instantly! A piece of your creamy cheese tart? More please!

5. Thai Food

Pepsi, tom yum, thai food, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
Always love spicy Thai dishes that excite your taste buds? If you enjoy having spicy Tom yam seafood soup, mango sticky rice, somtam, pineapple fried rice and so many more delicious Thai delights you crave for! Enjoying it but it seems spiciness level just too high to handle? You’ve got the best helper – Pepsi carbonated fizzy drink to chill you out! Plus do you know Pepsi bottles now comes with super cool emoji design too?

4. Burgers

Pepsi, burger, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
Burgers are the food that you might have it at least twice weekly? So do us! Being a fan or burgers, what else matches the best with your succulent patty that sums up the best burger? Soft drinks of course! Especially when it makes you burp, super satisfied! Psst, it helps much to cure the thirst after that heavy meal too! Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

3. Pizzas

Pepsi, pizza, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
Pizza or Bae? Pizza of course! Always can’t decide what to drink when you’re ordering pizza? Then think no more, soft drinks like Pepsi are one of the best drinks you can match with your slice of super mouthwatering pizza! Cheesy pizza with abundant of toppings, yums!

2. Fried Chicken

Pepsi, pizza, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
One of the best foods that we always crave for, Fried chicken made their way here! Who doesn’t love the crunchiness of that fried skin, juicy and tender chicken meat that is just nicely cook, wow! How could you not enjoy this fried chicken that you love it so much? Especially when it comes in a set with your favorite Pepsi, perfect!

1. French Fries

Pepsi, pizza, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
TAA-DAA! Could you imagine life without French fries? Crispy and thin cut, fried until golden brown and there are so many sauces you can dip it in too! No kidding, French fries make it the best chips to enjoy with your cup of Pepsi without fail! Pick up your fries and sip on your drink, they are indeed match made in kitchen!

Pepsi, pizza, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
What's better eaten with PEPSI? Popcorn and your favorite movie!

Pepsi, pizza, food with soft drinks, kl, pj
It will be a huge mis-steak if you're not having it with your steak! Fantas-steak pairing! ★★★Sponsored by Pepsi

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