The 10 Top Bookmarked & Hottest Cafes to Visit in KL & PJ!
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There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around Klang Valley that are worth your visit. There are also many famous café and restaurants that won the patrons heart and get them to come back again. So, here are the 10 that actually gained attention and you shouldn't miss it! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order)

1. Vergine Coffee

Vergine Coffee is a newly opened café in Desa Aman Puri, Kepong. They serves coffee, western food and desserts. Vergine Coffee signature sandwich has rich ingredients with a side of cheesy nachos. Moreover, they also provide wide variety of food like cheese baked eggs, chicken pot pie, smoked duck salad and more. In addition, cakes, macaroons and they have 3 flavors of panna cotta to choose from! A good place to chill in KL on weekends!

2. Hanbing Korean Dessert Café

Hanbing Korean Dessert Café is from Hong Kong and the Hanbing in Bangsar was their first oversea branch. Their special Bingsu is the reason why everyone come for. They have six flavors such as blueberry cheese, green tea, injeolmi red bean, injeolmi, mango and oreo. Besides Bingsu, the snacks they serve are also good to try like cheese topokki, cheese garlic bomb, Korean spicy fried chicken, crispy Korean fried dumplings and so forth. On the other hand, soda drinks, smoothies, coffee and tea are on their beverage menu too.

3. OW: L Espresso

OW: L Espresso is located in first-floor of Menara Rajawali, Subang Jaya. Their signature here would be the Korean Bingsu! Bingsu and affogato is the unique one topped with azuki beans, ice creams and served with a shot of espresso. Koreaan Bingsu varieties have injeolmi with glutinous rice cakes, cookies & cream and yogurt & fruit. Other than that, they have also serve ice cream toast, coffee and waffles. The OW: L Espresso is just located right beside Inti International University, thus, the place is always filled up with many college students.

4. Square Q Café

5. Toridoki

Toridoki is a Japanese restaurant from Japan and their first oversea branch is located in Desa Sri Hartamas, KL. Their signature dish is charcoal grilled chicken skewer of chicken’s offal and come with wasabi flavor, dried plum’s sour taste and others. Moreover, they also provide a la carte dishes, roast chicken, tori sukiyaki, desserts and alcohol beverages. Alcohol beverage they have beer, shochu, sake, Ume syu, wine, smoothie cocktail and more. Nonetheless, they will come out monthly menu which contains different dishes every month. Thus, you can get to try something new in Toridoki restaurant every month.

6. The Street Café

The street café is a Korean cuisine theme cafe located in Subang Jaya. With two stories in the café, they provide a spacious dining place and able to fit more people. However, the café is decorated with Korean idol poster to spice up the café. The Korean local varieties can be easily found in here since they provide wide range of Korean cuisine such as toppoki, Kimchi fried rice, seafood pancake, bibimbap set, Kimchi soup and more.

7. Caffeinated Cabin

Caffeinated Cabin is a café in Jalan Gasing and only operates from Tuesday to Sunday from 7am to 7pm. They provide all day breakfast and the breakfast looks scrumptious too! Smoked duck open-face sandwich, smoked salmon with bagel, fish n’ chip, egg wrap with bacon, spaghetti, mushroom soup coupled with garlic bread are the breakfasts offer by Caffeinated Cabin. Of course there is more breakfast choice on their menu. In addition, their signature beverage is lemon coke espresso. Besides that, they also provide wide range of desserts like apple crumble, affogato and cakes. However, their dessert is really tempting and is a must to try them out! The environment is cozy and comfortable, thus, it would be great to spend weekend over here.

8. Bangkok’s by Cafaeyen

Bangkok is a newly opened Thai restaurant in Sri Petaling. The restaurant in KL has three stories and is able to fit more people. Moreover, the restaurant’s designs are cool and creative. The taste of the dishes is just like the one had in Thailand. It’s because the dishes are cooked by chef from Thailand. Jim Jun Hot Pot is a Thai steamboat and also the famous dish at Bangkok’s by Cafaeyen. This Thai steamboat is to place the seafood and ingredients into a mini claypot and cook on charcoal. By cooking on charcoal, the taste of the soup will be more rich and tastier. There is more Thai food available on their menu too.

9. 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken 

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is fast food restaurant based in Singapore and the first branch is located in Mid Valley, KL. Soy garlic and hot sauce fried chicken is the 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken’s signature. Their chicken is delivered fresh daily without MSG and preservatives. Besides fried chicken, you can also try 4 Fingers chiecken Katsu sandwich which chicken topped with kimslaw in a hot crispy bun.

10. Lepaq Lepaq Café

Lepaq Lepaq Café is located in Bukit Bintang which has a two stories building and have a nice forested view of Bukit Caylon. Their signature dessert is the Nasi Lemak cheese cake that is incredible to turning a dish into dessert. The signature beverage is “Rainy Day Cofffee” a cotton candy suspended above the steaming hot cup of coffee and waits the cotton candy to melt itself. Additionally, they have also provided big breakfast, crepey duck, deep fried sliced lotus roots coating with salted egg yolk and butter and non-alcoholic cocktail. The ambiance and the food are really good, thus, you would definitely love this place.
Vergine Coffee
Hanbing Korean Dessert Café
OW: L Espresso
Square Q Café
The Street Café
Caffeinated Cabin
Bangkok’s by Cafaeyen
4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
Lepaq Lepaq Cafe
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