The 10 Fries That You Need to Get Right Away!
French fries, porky fries, fries, kl, pj, klang valley
Any type of fries will just delight and entice your appetite instantly? Especially the ones from the fast food chains are the one that you can easily get and indulge it right away! From the plain original to the enhanced version with toppings or different types of fries, let’s see what you need to get to cure your cravings now! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road, french fries, truffle fries, fries, pancakes, bukit damansara, pj
Come here for the truffle fries, as they are fried till perfection using truffle oil! Then served with finely grated parmesan cheese to double up that sinfully delicious fries that you have been craving for! A legit reason for it, isn’t it?

4 Fingers

4 Fingers, french fries, fries, chicken, mid valley, kl
As good as their signature chicken, the fries here a must order! Comes in normal fries and currently only available in Kimchi flavor fries, they still get a place in our makan list! We love how it tastes and even after it is cold; it didn’t turn soggy or soften. Pop one into your mouth and there isn’t a stop button for sure!

Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

Mikey’s Original New York Pizza, french fries, pizzas, fries, bangsar, kl
Apart from pizzas, come here for the waffle fries! Served in 5 different styles, they are seriously recommended! We personally love their Brooklyn Waffle fries, topped with cheddar cheese that is obviously a must have! Served with beef gravy, crunchy and perfectly fried, what else could you ask for?

Buns & Meat

Buns & Meat, french fries, pulled pork fries, fries, lakefields, kl
We’ve tried quite some fries and this is certainly no joke! The signature pulled pork fries makes it a must have whenever you visit Buns & Meat! Thicker than ordinary fries that give it a great munching texture, mix with that soft yet flavorful pulled pork and you know what we’re talking about!

Double A Café

Double A Café, french fries, double trouble fries, fries, ara damansara, pj
Photo credit:Double A Facebook
Sizzling fries are uncommon! So if you’re around Ara Damansara, head to Double A café! Thick cut fries to compliment everything on this sizzling plate, eat it with beef bacons, jalapenos and tastes real good eaten with that cheese sauce that is poured on it when they serve it to your table!

KGB (Killer Gourmet Burger)

KGB (Killer Gourmet Burger), french fries, kimchi fries, fries, mid valley, kl
Indulging on their perfect burgers and at the same time, don’t forget to try the fries out! Famous for Kimchi fries as well, but theirs are totally different! Comes with sour cream, kimchi and and egg on top, super filling and you’ll never expect this combo to tastes a bomb! Other than this, they do have sweet potato fries, Texas Jalapeno fries, Spicy Cajun and more!

Tino’s Pizza

Tino’s Pizza, peanut butter french fries, fries, mid valley, kl
Peanut butter fries! What? Fans of peanut butter all please focus here! Drizzled with hot peanut butter sauce and served with beef bacon, can you imagine indulging on thick and flavorful peanut butter along with that hot potato-ish fries together? Savory indulgence to a new level, get them from Tino’s Pizza!

Naughty Nuri’s

Naughty Nuri’s, spam fries, luncheon meat fries, fries, sri hartamas, kl
Never know that this ‘fries’ are not made from potato, but instead made from porkylicious Luncheon meat! Known as Spam fries, thin cut and crisp outer layer; bite on it and enjoy a meaty cut fries! Uses premium quality luncheon meat, this porky fries is worth the try!


AMPM Café, sweet potato fries, salted egg dip, subang, USJ
Basically you can turn any goodness into fries; just like how AMPM created this sweet potato fries! Originally sweet without any seasoning, this fries tastes good! Texture wise will be slightly different from the usual potato fries that usually eat. Dip into AMPM’s specially created salted egg sauce, this can be so addictive!

Primo’s Café

Primo’s Café, french fries, mahkota cheras, kl, cheras
A café that is very happening especially at night, what is it so special about their fries? Serves the ordinary fries, but they are simply crispy and just right! Plus the portion is good for sharing especially when you’re there with your friends for a ‘Yumcha’ session! Besides, they do have another great sharing snack of Popcorn chicken, you need to try too!
Killer Gourmet Burgers
Mikey's Original New York Pizza
Primo's Café
Naughty Nuri's
Tino's Pizza Cafe
Buns & Meat
Yellow Brick Road
Double A Cafe
4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
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