Sweet & Savory Japanese Curry in KL & PJ
Japanese Curry, Kare Raisu, Mont Kiara, Pavilion KL, 1 Utama, KL, PJ
Japanese curry or Karē, is one of the popular dishes in Japan. They can be eaten with rice, udon or even pastries; the best thing is that their curry spicy level can be adjusted and it comes with a sweet hint and would totally change your appetite to gulp on a bigger plate of rice! Don’t believe it? All these below will sure to change your thoughts from now on! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Sakai’s Curry & Bar @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Sakai's Curry, Mont Kiara, Japanese Curry, KL, PJ
Looking for one of the most authentic Japanese curry in KL? Let’s see what we have here. At Sakai’s Curry & Bar, be prepared to spoil for choices. With quite some choices, choose your plate of Japanese curry rice with pork, chicken, Hamburg and many more other delicious choices from their menu. While their curry is done right, it tastes mildly sweet but full with curry taste and mild spicy. While its Karage chicken is very juicy, tender and crispy, it is a must to order this even if it’s ala-carte! Comes in regular sizes and also a good choice of small portion, which is a good choice for the ladies too!

2. Awesome Canteen @ Taman Paramount

Awesome Canteen, Taman Paramount, Paleo Burger, Japanese Curry, KL, PJ
As awesome as they are, this Western restaurant is known for a special dish of Paleo Burger (Beef / Chicken) – the ‘bun’ is made from Portobello mushroom and with a tender yet juicy packed patty with melted cheese! Of course, attentions to the Paleo burger aside, make way for the star – Japanese Curry Rice! With chicken cubes, potatoes and veges, the mixture of their curry is sweet and fragrant. A pluspoint, it comes with a chicken patty that is super good too! This plate of awesomeness will be gone in minutes for sure!

3. Shokudo @ Taman Paramount

Shokudo, Taman Paramount, Japanese Curry, KL, PJ
Just a few shoplots away from Awesome Canteen in PJ, there’s another Japanese restaurant that serves great Japanese curry! Looking cosy and nice Japanese styled doors, its serene and clean looking interior does the talk. While having more than 10 choices of Japanese curry rice, fried delights, soup and salad – simply the best choices for a complete hearty meal. Their thick curry broth making it so good to be eaten with the rice too!

4. Iwata Japanese Curry @ Encorp Strand Mall

IWATA, Curry Ramen, Encorp Strand Mall, Kota Damansara, Japanese Curry, KL, PJ
With its great location at Kota Damansara, they are located in this Encorp Strand Mall and surrounded with vast variety of good food too! Looking at something different, they served Curry Udon and Ramen instead of Rice! Unlike Chinese style curry, their curry ramen is slightly watery, but the fragrant of curry remains! Comes with a slice of chicken ‘chashu’ and the Ajitama-Egg, Seasoned bamboo shoots with boiled spinach and their noodles are thin but al-dente that makes it so good and chewy. Besides ramen, this Japanese restaurant in KL do have soba and udon noodles too.

5. Shunka Japanese Family Restaurant @ Aman Suria

Shunka Japanese Family Restaurant, Aman Suria, Japanese Food, Japanese Curry, KL, PJ
A Japanese restaurant in PJ that serves great Japanese delicacy, their menu is simply impressive with wide variety of food to choose from. Having Japanese style seats and décor, their fusion food would do the talk! Favorite dishes ranging from Cheese Tamagoyaki, Sushi Katsu, Magic Matcha and more. Besides, their cosmos bento set consists of their special made Japanese curry that is fragrant even when it is ready to serve from the kitchen. Thick and fragrant curry, this is somewhat different from the one we usually had. Apart from good food served here, they do cater tatami seats where a huge gang or families can enjoy dining in here without the need to split tables!

6. Haikara Style Café & Bakery @ Subang SS16

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery, Siphon Coffee, Subang Jaya, Japanese Food, Japanese Curry, KL, PJ
A Japanese café that is quite hidden in an apartment in Subang (just beside Subang Avenue), this café is operated by a Japanese husband & wife team. Serves breakfast, fusion dishes, even dessert, the interior is indeed homey and from their front exterior, it is decorated with plants too. Besides, coffee here is brewed with Siphon. Their curry rice broth will sure to excite your taste buds. Available to choose on how spicy your curry would be from a scale of 1 – 10, brace yourself for a fiery feast (if you’re adventurous enough); a plate of it, is just too good to describe. The curry gravy hits the right spot perfectly with some crispy and soft potatoes with some salad sides on it.

7. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya @ 1 Utama

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Japanese Curry, 1 Utama, KL, PJ
So here comes the largest Japanese curry house is opening their first branch here in 1 Utama. Their tagline of “The tastiness you can choose”; you can customize your own meal with a few steps from their menu. Besides, there is a spiciness level to choose from too. Pair them up with choices of Chicken, Pork, Beef, Squid, Hamburg and more. Looking at a plate of incredibly good Japanese curry rice here, how could you resist not to chomp everything down?

8. Tonkatsu by WA Kitchen @ Pavilion KL

Tonkatsu by WA Kitchen, Pavilion KL, Japanese Curry, KL, PJ
Serves tonkatsu here, which is pork meat that is breaded and deep fried till perfection. Known for their Hire Katsu and Rosu Katsu, it is succulent, crispy and tender! For a perfect combo, do opt for their luscious Japanese curry dish – Katsu with mildly spicy curry that is equally good that will sure to ignite your appetite for more. Furthermore, they have this pestle and mortar for you to grind the sesame seeds to make your own customized sauce to enhance the flavors of the food too! Remember to try out this Japanese curry in KL when you are shopping in Pavilion

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