[Spicy Chocolate Ice Blended & Signature Buttered Toast?!] TK Café NOW at Puchong Jaya & Serdang!

Hungry stomach, thirsty throat plus hot and scorching weather will sure to frustrate you. Land yourself right in front of TK Bakery because great things are always in and not out!

Come to Puchong Jaya and Serdang as TK Café is located inside of TK Bakery, yes, the bakery that you’ve been visiting for their famous traditional egg tarts and pastries, they are now even better with a cafe here!  Clean, spacious and always crowded with patrons, TK Café would be your next favorite food stop!

Extensive menu - they surely know how to tackle your taste buds. Serves pasta, waffles, local delights, all day breakfast and even freshly brewed coffee, tea and sparkling refreshers that you need to try!

TK Café @ Puchong Jaya & Serdang

Signature Butter Toast

Fragrant salted butter was used in making this signature butter toasts that you’ll ask for more. Crispy outer layer and fluffy soft bread texture making it taste extremely in demand. With maple syrup, banana slices and a scoop of ice cream, what’s better than to lift your mood up with their signature butter toasts?

Comes in 3 choices, pick your pick-me-up as they are smooth since butter is used in making the toasts!

Spaghetti Selections

Spaghetti Carbonara

Much like noodles, spaghetti’s are much proven to be the favorite of many. While they are available here, much recommended would be the Spaghetti Carbonara. A mixture of cream, chicken ham, cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese; light yet filled with cheesylicious thick cheese taste that you would dig in for more. Crispy chicken ham bits, cooked along with mushrooms and al-dente spaghetti texture, wouldn’t this be a perfect match made in the kitchen?

Spaghetti Al Fungi - Vegan friendly

As thoughtful as they are handling every food with care, this Spaghetti Al Fungi suits vegan best. Comes in 4 types of mushrooms ranging from Shitake, Shimeji, Oyster mushrooms and more shrooms, eat with no worries but surely a great vegan spaghetti leaving you burping in satisfaction!

Grill Chicken Chop with Spaghetti / Rice

Attend to your cravings with two of your favorite food at once with the chicken chop and spaghetti or rice that comes with salad side and house-made black pepper sauce. Spaghetti hit right on the spot as it was tossed with garlic and olive oil, a superb match to the grilled chicken chop that was juicy and tender.

Waffle Selections

You should know that a lady would always have space in her tummy for dessert. When it comes to the sweet treat, never miss this of course. Waffles here were quite different from many as the batter used in making this waffle was too all made by the chef himself. Crispy and thin waffles were the best you can savor here. Drenched in raspberry sauce, chocolate wafer, fresh strawberries and ice cream; sweet cravings come perfectly good around.

Fried Chicken Wings

Snack on fried chicken wings as they would be your next favorite food. Super crispy yet addictive piece of fried chicken that is real juicy inside, one will never leave this café without trying this recommended fried chicken wings.

Wild Mushroom Soup

Choose a starter that helps enhance your appetite for more and not less, this Wild Mushroom Soup deserve a round of applause. Chef’s homemade recipe, matches well with the garlic toast; warm and hearty, isn’t this love?

Not for the faint-hearted, only the brave ones - Spicy Chocolate Ice Blended

This might sound like a bomb, but as a foodie that love to have spicy food, TK Café come up with something bold yet super creative which brownie points were scored when this drink is served right in front of us. Mild spiciness of bird-eye chilies was used, with Belgium chocolate and then blended all together, topped with cream, wow. Mind blown. Thought to enjoy this drink without over burning your tongue and tummy? (For those who couldn’t take mild spicy food, it is best to go for a small glass of ice blended for this selection). Daredevils, come forward, please.

Refresher Series

Sparkles and fizzes, this thirst quencher comes right on time. Just like the firefighter saves the day, so does the barista here helps you to quench your thirst! A smart combination using fruits and sparkling water, pick your choice of Mango, Strawberry or Passion Fruit.

Strawberry Refresher

Passion Fruit Refresher

Mango Refresher

Slow-juicer Fresh Fruit Juice – Carrot Milk

Rabbits were given perfect eyesight as they always munch on carrots. We mortals too could come with some help from carrots, if you aren’t able to eat it, let TK Café slow-juice them up for you for better vitamins absorption that your bodily needs!

Green Tea Espresso

If your favorite coffee brand could brew you a cup of perfectly good ‘Matcha Espresso’, then nonetheless TK Café would win your attention too. Smooth green tea with milk and topped it up with an espresso shot, pour it in for that satisfying twist and taste, this will surely be your next choice too!

Signature Chocolate / Cappuccino

Signature Chocolate


Hot beverages, of course, would be available and all were nicely brewed and served with skillfully designed coffee art from TK’s barista, be it their signature chocolate or cappuccino and more selection from the menu. Coffee or tea beverages, you choose!

Napoleon Milkshake

If napoleon was defeated in a battle, we promised that this drink will not disappoint! Battle with your taste buds, chocolaty good with red berries delight in it to balance up the taste, milkshakes can never go wrong with anyone, anytime!

✨✨ Plus point to visit TK Cafe! ✨✨✨

Enjoy 20% OFF all items at TK Cafe when you dine in here! Nice and cozy ambiance, great food and coffee made it a worthwhile experience to dine here.

From traditional pastries, puff to bread and cakes, TK Bakery had been passed on from generations till now and going on strong. Extensive choices of food here making it so convenient as they are available at Puchong and Serdang too!. Food, coffee and pastries? Look out for TK Café & TK Bakery!

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