Softest Soft Serve Ice Creams in Klang Valley!
Soft serve ice cream, Ice Cream, Soft, Milky, Creamy, KL, PJ
Soft, milky and creamy! Imagine it melting inside your mouth instantly without the need to get brain freeze! A good dessert to indulge on even during the cold days! Soft serve ice creams are basically better in texture, creamier and thicker in taste too! You've gotta try it to feel the differences! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. P.S. Tokyo @ SS2

P.S. Tokyo, Soft serve, Ice cream, Hojicha, SS2
A newly opened Japanese café at SS2, PJ here, they brought us all something new and taste good too! Japanese soft serve ice cream! Located on first floor, so make sure you walk to the right place! Cool off the heat with their famous Hojicha (Roasted Japanese Green Tea) or Matcha (Green Tea) Soft Serve ice creams that is rich in flavor and thick. Add in toppings to enhance the flavor more; here we have added Nestum to it! Specialty like Tofu cheese cakes are highly recommended too!

2. Red Kettle @ Taman Bukit Desa

Red Kettle, Soft serve, Ice cream, Pork Burger, Taman Bukit Desa
A neighborhood place in KL to hang out with comfort food and bakeries – Red Kettle is it. Offers a wide variety of western food like pastas, pork chops, burgers and rice too! What caught our attention here would be – soft serve ice cream in cones! Used to have them in cups, now you can munch on the cone! Comes in Vanilla or Chocolate flavor, they are soft and very chocolaty too! Melts twice as fast, but no worries because you’ll happily enjoy it as soon as you get it!

3. Milkcow @ Various Shopping Malls

Milkcow, Soft serve, Ice cream, Korean, Salted Caramel, Pavilion KL
A Korean ice cream franchise, it was a hit when they first got here and they still are! Milkcow can be found in the Mall around KL and PJ. Milky soft serve tops with flavors like Salted caramel, Honey, Mint, Popcorns and many more creative ingredients that they can think of. Very milky in taste, they only have one flavor of soft serve ice cream. Which of theirs are your favourite besides the Milky Honey? We totally love their Milky Pop (Gourmet Popcorn & Salted Caramel Syrup)!

4. D’Lee Deli @ Casa Tropicana

D’Lee Deli, Soft serve, Ice cream, Casa Tropicana, Vanilla, Chocolate Soft Serve
While their name sounds funny because it might sounds like procrastinating and slow, but their service isn’t like how their name are. Fast and efficient and not forgetting friendly waiter and waitresses too! Cozy and dimly lit ambience, their soft serve ice cream is best eaten with or without waffles too! Homemade soft serve recipe, they are very thick and strong in vanilla taste. All we could remember was the after taste will remain and it is just too hard to resist for a second cup of soft serve here!

5. Nana’s Green Tea Cafe @ Mid Valley

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe, Soft serve, Ice cream, Mid Valley
Having their dessert station established on the top floor at Mid Valley here (Near GSC); they are still so good with their green tea soft serve and new dessert of Tatedora (Dorayaki). Have your matcha green tea soft serve on a cone or a cup (depend on own liking); it is so hard to resist because they are incredibly soft and luscious green tea flavor is just too good to even describe! So remember to try this Japanese ice cream when you are at Mid Valley, KL.

6. Softsrve @ Damansara Utama

Softsrve, Soft serve, Ice cream, Damansara Uptown, Damansara Utama
Gaining attention from many, this ice cream shop are flocked with many patrons daily. A place that is simply nice for photos and soft serve Korean ice cream, how could you miss them out? Serve in a cup that contains dry ice on the bottom, they are not complete full like how it shows in the cup. With dry ice below, it helps to give the vaporize effect and also helps to keep your soft serve melts slowly! Do try Deep chocolate with Churros or Oolong Tea with Caramelized sunflower seeds and pineapple flower as toppings – tastes very good too!

7. HoneyTree @ Berjaya Times Square

HoneyTree, Soft serve, Ice cream, Berjaya Times Square
Another Korean ice cream franchise that serves premium healthy trendy ice cream and milkshakes in KL. They brings us their organic soft serve ice cream that is worth to try too! Having 10 flavors to choose from and toppings to add, they are milky enough to get your taste buds dancing happily! Opt for ‘Supernova’ – because you can match with 2 toppings! Greedy indeed, we opt for Honey comb and Oreo cookie crumbs! Crunchy, smooth and natural sweetness from the honey, how do you like yours to be?

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