So Cute! 7 Must-Visit Pet Cafés in Klang Valley!
The café scene in Klang Valley is getting more and more interesting, as new cafés with creative concepts are popping up every month. One of the latest café trends is pet cafés with resident pets. These cafés are friendly to both pet and non-pet owners, as the resident pets are always in the café and customers can have a lot of fun playing with these adorable furkids.
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Here are 7 nice pet cafés to visit for different types of adorable resident pets! (The cafés are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Clawset @ Damansara Jaya

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Clawset is a dog café in PJ owned by the same owner of a pet salon located next door. There are quite many resident dogs in the pet café, and all the dogs are nicely groomed, especial those cute little Pomeranian Dogs, which makes this café an ideal place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The menu here is pretty extensive, as they offer Western food like salad, waffle, pasta, main course and dessert. A simple menu for pets is available too!

2. Cubs & Cups @ Sri Hartamas

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Opened its door to the public in May this year, Cubs & Cups has become one of the most popular pet-friendly cafés in KL. Founded by a group of young Korean pet lovers, the café has a few resident dogs, including a Husky, a Malamute puppy, and a Pomeranian puppy. The dogs and puppies are so cute that they have unexpectedly become the main attraction of the café. Pet owners are welcome to bring their pets to the café to enjoy some comfort foods and make some new friends with other pet lovers.

3. Coffee Cottage @ Subang SS15

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Coffee Cottage is a cat café that has been around Subang for about a year. There is a dedicated area for cats in the café. Just purchase a drink and you're free to enter the cat zone to pamper the cute and furry cats. Each cat has its own name, such as Garfield, Nikita, Patches and so on. The café's menu offers a good selection of coffee, tea, cooked dishes and dessert. A great pet cafe to have some light Western food and have fun with furkids!

4. Barks Bunnies @ Subang Jaya SS18

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A very unique pet-friendly café in Subang Jaya with an air-conditioned rabbit zone, where customers can feed and play with some cute rabbits! Guests can only enter the room during visiting hours, as the rabbits need to rest. Remember to approach the rabbits gently, as they are prey animals that will easily get frightened. What’s best about this pet café is that it has a separate dining area special for pet owners to ensure the place is hygienic.

5. Purradise @ TTDI

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Situated on the first floor, Purradise is a paradise for cat lovers, as they have approximately 15 cats wandering freely in this pet café. The charges here are counted by time. You need to pay RM15 (it comes with a free smoothie or juice) for the first hour and RM3 for every subsequent 15 minutes after entering the café. The cats have a very spacious area to move around, as they are free to wander any place they like in the café. Most of the profit of the café goes to rescuing more stray cats on the street.

6. S Garden @ Pandan Indah

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S Garden is one of the latest pet cafés in KL. The café’s owner brings his 3 pet dogs, including a Pug, a Poodle, and a Shih-Poo, to work every day; hence, even if you are not a pet owner, you can still have a lot of fun playing with their furry kids. Simple Western dishes are offered here, including fried chicken chop, pork chop, and spaghetti bolognese. They have a separate healthy menu for pets too!

7. The Hound @ Taman OUG

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Located at the bustling neighbourhood of Taman OUG, The Hound is a warm and pet friendly café featuring a a cute and friendly beagle named Cookie. Customers are welcome to bring their pet dogs to the pet cafés in KL to enjoy a good time with their pets and interact with other pet lovers. They offer a good selection of drinks, including coffee, tea, fresh juice and soda. Their cakes, such as lemon cheesecakes and blueberry cheesecakes, are worth trying too, as they are freshly homemade by the café’s owner herself. Head to these café today to enjoy some fun-filled moments with adorable pets!

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