Seremban’s Hidden Treasure – The Best Fishball Noodles in Town!

Most of the time we love road trips especially for those who enjoy food hunt not only just around the Klang Valley but other states too. What about a trip to Seremban that will sure to make a worthy trip for food this round?

Located around The Store (Jalan Lee Sam), Gerai Fah Kee is located inside of Kompleks Penjaja Majlis Perbandaran Seremban.

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Waiting time from the fastest 30 minutes to an hour, but patrons are so willing to wait for a bowl of hot pipping good old handmade fish ball noodles, especially with scallop flakes are to die for. Definitely, won’t burn a hole in your pocket you got to try it to believe it. Operating for more than half a century here, let’s check what’s a must try here.

Choices of noodles like ‘Lou Shu Fun’, Yellow Mee, Kuey Teow or Vermicelli. Be it dry or soup, you choose.

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Fried fish ball a must try!

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… and this homemade fish skin with fish paste, smooth and springy, indeed a must order for more!

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That amount of scallop flakes, totally worth it!

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Of course, Yong Tau Foo too was seen on most tables especially the green chili and stuffed tofu.

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Be sure to come here early to enjoy this bowl of satisfaction. Open as early as 7.00am until sold out, find your way here!

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