Salted Egg Food Mania in Klang Valley!
Salted Egg, Salted Egg Yolk Food, KL, PJ
Salted egg dishes mostly are known to use in oriental style dishes, but what if it had become a fusion style food that is a mix between sweet and savory? Did your heart just skip a beat? We did! Golden in color and it gives you a sandy texture with that taste that you’ve been longing for! This is totally for you, because we know you love Salted Egg so much! Well, let’s take a look at these latest food trends of Salted Egg food you can get around the Klang Valley! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. 21 Sizzling & Grill @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

21 Sizzling & Grill, Salted Egg Chicken Chop, Kuchai Lama, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, KL
Never knew a piece of deep fried chicken chop can be so succulent yet crispy and all the flavors start to burst into your mouth upon the first bite! Look at that over-flowing of salted egg sauce that will get you lick the plate clean! The sauce is thick and so flavorful because of the salted egg yolks used; its texture is quite sandy too! Golden yellow color with the crispy nicely battered chicken chop, don’t waste the rest of the sauce left! Eat them up with the fries and mix them into the salad because it is real good!

2. Big Hug Burger @ Subang Square Corporate Tower, SS15

Big Hug Burger, SS15 Subang, Burger, Subang
A cozy and homey burger place in Subang Jaya, not just the interior decorations looking wonderful, their food is a must try too! Spacious dining place, they cook really good burgers! Looking at their menu, they have an extensive range of burgers choices to choose from! Recently they have created a new burger that is called OMG – Oh My Golden Burger for a good cause. Secret sauce of salted egg, crispy deep fried chicken meat and that cheese slice! Bamboo charcoal bun is selected and taa-daa! Patty is succulent, juicy and the sauce? Definitely great! Since this is for a limited time only, remember to try the rest out because they are indeed a true burger specialist that will delight your tummy up!

3. AMPM Café @ USJ Subang Jaya (Beside Main Place)

AMPM Cafe, USJ Subang Jaya, Main Place, Cafe, USJ
Skeptical of trying sweet and salty at the same time? Then, push that thought aside because they are just the best when it is eaten with pancakes! Look for this Triple Threat – a chef special from AMPM! Comes with fluffy pancakes drizzled in chocolate sauce, crisp beef bacon, a scoop of ice cream, nuts, strawberry syrup and salted egg sauce! Eat it as how you like it, dip or drizzle on top, it is smooth yet not cloying but packed with the salted egg yolk taste! It tastes so good if you eat it up with a piece of beef bacon, pancake and the salted egg sauce! Applause for the brilliant match from AMPM Café in Subang Jaya!

4. Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB) @ TTDI

KGB, Killer Gourmet Burgers, TTDI, Burger
Nope, not burgers but wings! Chicken wings. Something new to get from KGB TTDI in KL, they are now offering these super additive chicken wings selection too! Having at least 5 delicious tastes for the wings, from the western style of Buffalo wings to something Asian like K-pop, they have something that caught our attention – The Golden Egg! Fried wings coated with fragrant golden salted egg yolk served with jalapeno slices. Crispy batter with salted egg yolk goodness and juicy tender meat inside; be prepared to finish the whole basket (6 pieces) by yourself!

5. Foo Hing Dim Sum Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Foo Hing Dim Sum, Puchong, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Dim Sum, Golden Sand Bun, Portugese Egg Tart
Apart from fusion food, let’s get something that you can get it when you’re in the mood for dim sum! Quite known for years here in Puchong, they are usually crowded every morning! The famous Golden Sand Bun or known more as ‘Liu Sha Bao’ is one of the most famous food that is made into a bun shape with runny salted egg yolk sauce inside! It can be a mess if you don’t eat it carefully because it is super runny inside! Same texture wise, it is best eaten while it’s hot! Moreover, they are known for the best Portugese egg tart! Crisp outer shell and milky tart filling that is thick yet creamy plus fragrant! A must try dim sum restaurant at Puchong here!

6. Wondermama X @ Avenue K

Wondermama, Wondermama X, Avenue K, Salted Egg Fried Rice, Fried Rice, KL
Craving for local food with a twist of fusion goodness? Wondermama in KL is the key to a happy tummy! Serves good Nyonya Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Black Spider Fried Rice, Special Maggi Mee and also the star that we’ve been looking for – Salted Egg Yolk Fried Rice! Perfect wok fried, the rice water consistency is really good. Not overly moist or too dry! Plus you’ll get a fragrant salted egg yolk taste on every scoop of rice when you eat it! For dessert freaks, they do serve great desserts like Nutella & Banana Ice Cream or Durian Crepe with Ice Cream too!

7. Simply D @ Nu Sentral & Various Locations

Simply D, Delicious Group, Salted Egg Pumpkin Pasta, Spaghetti, KL, Nu Sentral
Simply D in KL is no longer strange to you for sure, because they serve one of the best noodle and pasta here! Having quite a few choices of bowls of pasta to choose from, they do have salted egg pumpkin pasta too! 5 choices of pastas and also soba noodle to decide from, there is an option to add a tea egg too! Their salted egg pumpkin tastes creamy and the pumpkin taste compliments each other very well too! The tea egg is beautifully runny inside that makes it more delicious! Simply one of the best delicious place for a quick bite too!

8. Fikcles @ TTDI

Fikcles, TTDI, Cafe, Pasta, Salted Egg Squid Wrap
Tortilla wraps are used to wrap up all the awesome things so you can taste them in a bite! At Fikcles, you’ll notice their café color stood out when you visit them up! Upon entering, their interior is nicely decorated and feels cosy just like home! Flipping through the menu, we spotted they have the Salted Egg Squid Wrap! Their wrap comes with fries and salad too! The squid is batter and deep fried, along with the salted egg sauce and what they did that makes it even better? They added bird’s eye chili (Chili padi) that makes it slight spicy and appetizing! Apart from this awesomeness, they do have good choices of spaghetti, steaks and coffee too!

9. Din Tai Fung @ Various Shopping Malls

Din Tai Fung, Xiao Long Bao, Salted Egg Pumpkin, La Mian, KL, PJ
You might be thinking what kind of salted egg yolk food they have here? Yes, it is their most famous Salted Egg Pumpkin! Basically very fragrant taste of the salted egg and crisp on the outer layer, it is so soft and nice inside and you just can’t resist not taking a bite on it when it is served! It makes it a good snack or even a starter when you’re waiting for the dishes to come! Apart from that, it is our top choice for Chinese restaurant. Their famous Xiao Long Bao and the ‘La Mian’ selection are basically worth waiting for too! Be sure to try their Salted Egg Pumpkin out because you’ll get super addicted after this!

10. Grafa café @ SS15 Subang

Grafa, Cafe, Subang SS15, SS15, Salted Egg Spaghetti
A café that is transformed from a shop that sells cycling products to a café that now serves fantastic food in Subang Jaya! Simple yet stylish interior, they are quite hipster-ish when you step in to their café! Well, extensive menu that gives you lot choices of food you can try from pizzas to pastas, chops and grills and not forgetting local delights too! Flip on the menu until you see Spaghetti selection because the gem is there! Creamy salted egg pasta, as its name suggested, they are truly creamy yet not cloying, bits of salted egg yolk and select your choice of chicken or seafood, with some onions, salami and garlic too! Tastes savory and smooth, be sure to enjoy food and drinks here!

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