Ring in the Year of the Snake, Serai Style
Keeping to their unique, contemporary approach to Southeast Asian cooking, Serai brings you the stars of its Lunar New Year menu. Serai restaurant, Chinese New Year special menu, Yee Sang with Fresh Salmon and Serai's Special Plum Dressing, Red-Snapper Fish-Head Curry, Scampi with Dried-Shrimp Sambal, Life Center, Empire Shopping Gallery, Shaftsbury Square Cyberjaya, Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya (Image courtesy of Serai.) Yee Sang with Fresh Salmon and Serai’s Special Plum Dressing (RM50 for three people; RM80 for eight to 10) Nothing beats a yee sang that gets tossed in a love-laden house-made plum dressing. Say goodbye to bland, cloying store-bought varieties! Red-Snapper Fish-Head Curry The red snapper, with its sweet, firm, and wonderfully textured flesh, is the choice fish for this fiery favorite. The spicy gravy makes the entire dish great for polishing up hot steamed rice with. Scampi with Dried-Shrimp Sambal The savory, pleasantly pungent, hot chile-and-spice paste complements scampi’s fresh, succulent, bouncy flesh and intensifies its oceany sweetness and brininess. With a purchase of two sets of the above on a same receipt you’ll get a free set of Yee Sang. The feast is served up between Jan. 28 and Feb. 24, at all Serai restaurants. Prices may vary from location to location, and are subject to 10 percent service charge and 6 percent government tax, so please don’t hesitate calling up the nearest Serai restaurant to enquire! Discover more best chicken rice restaurant Find out more top fish restaurant
Serai restaurant
Life Center
Shaftsbury Square Cyberjaya
Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya
Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya
Lunar New Year specials
yee sang
red-snapper fish-head curry
scampi with dried-shrimp sambal
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