Restaurant New Bites #1 / 餐厅推介和优惠 #1
Missed out on OpenRice’s new restaurants promotion? Well, no worries! To all the diners out there, don’t sigh; let OpenRice give you a good recap on what you’ve missed out on the month of September and enjoy it this weekend! 所有的潮流食客,是不是错失了一些我们为你介绍过的新餐厅与优惠呢? 现在你可以一次看完我们在九月份所为大家介绍的餐厅和优惠,这个周末就可以尽情享受了。


蟹的传人,Crab Generation Restaurant,taman len sen
【新开张及大优惠】Crab Generation Restaurant 蟹的传人
Yes! Today’s their Grand Opening! Fresh XL Crabs awaits you now with only RM66/2pcs! Click here for more promotion detail. 哗!开张大优惠啊!只需RM66有两只新鲜XL螃蟹,等你来品尝呢! 更多优惠详情,请按这里

 Purple Pasta Restaurant & Café,oasis ara damansara, RM5 pasta
【新开张及大优惠】 Purple Pasta Restaurant & Café
RM5 for a plate of pasta?!! Sounds unbelievable isn't it? Yes, it’s only RM5 at Purple Pasta now! Click here for more promotion detail. RM5一碟意大利面吗?有可能吗?绝对有可能,就在Purple Pasta! 更多优惠详情,请按这里

Alaska Crab,阿拉斯加螃蟹,Black Market
Photo Credit to Blackmarket
【大优惠】 Black Market
Craving for the fresh and juicy Alaska Crab? Now you may enjoy this special promotion on Alaska Crab with discount 60% off*. Click here for more promotion detail. 很想吃鲜美多汁的阿拉斯加螃蟹吗?现在你可以享受60% off*的优惠呢! 更多优惠详情,请按这里

BarBQ Plaza Malaysia, Eat All You Can
【大优惠】BarBQ Plaza Malaysia (Eat All You Can) Dare to challenge yourself within 120min eat all you can? Click here for more promotion detail. 真的是任吃唔嬲?120分钟里你可以吃多少?敢不敢来挑战自己呢? 更多优惠详情,请按这里


 GO Noodle House,有间面馆,pj, jaya one
【新餐厅特别推介】GO Noodle House 有间面馆
GO Noodle House specialises in Mi Xian (thick noodle) where the shop recommended you a unique Hua Diao Chinese Wine (花雕酒) to mix with the special broth. 有间面馆招牌是米线,店家还为你介绍非常独特的吃法,就是在米线汤里放花雕酒,使得汤头更上一层楼。

【新餐厅特别推介】Sze Ngan Chye 四眼仔咸鸭
Do you know that the famous Sze Ngan Chye Salted Duck at Petaling Street has opened a brand new branch in Kepong? 茨厂街有名的四眼仔咸鸭已经在Kepong开设了一家全新的分店,你知道吗?

世界面, Se Gye Mee, instant noodle,方便面,火锅自助餐
【新餐厅特别推介】 Se Gye Mee 世界面
This is the first stylish steamboat restaurant with Instant Noodle as the signature! Great variety of more than 130 different types from all around the world and the best thing is....Eat all you can! 这是全马第一家以方便面为主题的火锅自助餐餐厅。来自不同国家的130种各式各样的方便面供食客任吃任喝。

Opium KL,Changkat Bukit Bintang,鸦片
【新餐厅特别推介】 Opium KL
Opium KL at Changkat Bukit Bintang is the first restaurant in Malaysia that adopts opium as its theme, featuring a wide range of Oriental delights. Have you tried it yet? KL是全马第一家以鸦片为主题的餐厅,就在Changkat Bukit Bintang,你试过了吗?


美浩天美食馆,Restaurant Hakka Marble,fried asam laksa,炒亚三叻沙
【特色美食】 Restaurant Hakka Marble 美浩天美食馆
Fried Asam Laksa? Yes, a classical recipe Asam Laksa in Fried Style! A special and unique recipe by stir-frying laksa noodle with the craving asam laksa soup. A guaranteed perfect match! By the way, Hokkien Mee here also worth to try. 炒亚三叻沙?很特别对不对?主要是用亚三叻沙的汤来干炒的,然后再配上青瓜、洋葱、黄梨和虾等。就是一碗完美的炒亚三叻沙。除了炒亚三叻沙外,这里的福建面也是不错的。

Lee Hong Kee Restaurant,李雄记宴会厅,栋笃鸡
【特色美食】 Lee Hong Kee Restaurant 李雄记宴会厅
You might have heard of Stand-up Comedy (栋笃笑) shows before, but have you heard of ‘Dong Tuk’ Chicken before? Peng Cai and Char Siew also worth to try! 你应该看过许多的栋笃笑表演吧,但是你看过栋笃鸡吗?来到这里盆菜和自制叉烧也是不能错过。

For restaurant promotions, please visit their facebook page or website for more details.
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