Puchong 24-Hour Cafe Yum Cha Non-Stop! Largest XXL Seafood Cheese Baked Rice Here We Go!

Filled with all kinds of restaurants, cafes, and bistros, Puchong is indeed a foodie haven. The best place to hang out till late, you’ll never need to worry to starve yourself there!

While chilling around Puchong even at wee hours of the day, you’ll never worry about starving yourself because there’s always good food around the corner especially at Puchong Jaya!

Open 24-Hour Daily and Serves More Than 100 Varieties of Food? Check This Out!

No doubt it got to be – In House Café. Hong Kong Café style food and beverages, bet you didn’t know they had local delights right now too! Gone through revamping and bringing in better and tastier food for you now, it’s time for a revisit isn’t it?

From western food, Hong Kong food, local delights to desserts and beverages, extensive menu that’s mind-blowing making you didn’t know what to choose, check this out:

XXL Cheese Baked Seafood Combination Rice

Chill! When we said it was XXL, trust us. Super savory and cheesy, it can feed up to 4 pax! One of the worth trying dishes from the menu, forget about those old stories and try this out. Not stingy on cheese, topped with a thick layer of cheese, and creamy sauce on beneath the rice; comes with squid, salmon, scallops, prawns, and mussels.

Worth the order as it is large and good for sharing! Looking at the amount of cheese topped on it, we said this would be so worth the value! Not only it comes with rice, if you are skipping carbohydrates, choose spaghetti instead.

** Feeling carnivorous instead? Cheese baked rice comes with meat choices too if you’re not into seafood! Plus you’ll get to choose the sauce you like to have it on your rice or spaghetti!


Behold! See, we told you that In House Café’s menu are a whole lot of surprise in it! Added more noodles selection because they know most of us skipped eating rice during dinner. Adding the latest creation Wanton Noodle with Swiss Style Drumstick, Wanton Noodle with Pork Chop and more to choose from, it doesn’t just stop at one but more than 8 selections!

Pan Mee Noodles

If the savory Wanton Noodle won your attention away, take a look back here! Pan Mee will grab your attention too. Be it soup or dry, both will just sweep your appetite to the next level!

Fried Drumstick Nasi Lemak / Satay / Satay Mamak Style Fried Meehoon

Hey, don’t just they have best of both worlds? By adding in the local delights, you’ll get to enjoy Nasi Lemak and Satay too! Great to be eaten as snacks or sharing, we love how huge the chicken drumstick was as it makes us salivate when it is served! Sambal was spicy and savory, satay too did right!

Side Dishes – Vegetables

Want to enjoy more greens? They are great to be eaten just like that or as your additional side dishes like Bak Choy, Chinese lettuce, fried mix vegetables and more!

Special Cheese Chicken Chop

Wait! Another must order platter that comes with a whole succulent and tender chicken thigh chop, cheese, ham, pineapple, bacon, fries, and everything that makes your mouth water, this is totally one of the best platters for sharing because the fries will surely tempt many of your friends to steal it!


Snacks will always come handy and you’ll thank them for having these extensive choices! More than 20 choices of snacks to choose from the best seller – cheese nachos, crispy prawns, fried luncheon meat or the shrimp roll; snacks here were freshly made upon orders and they are deliciously available 24 hours every day!

Coconut Series Beverages & Dessert

As much as we love out tropical weather, coconut made it into the list too! Not only the coconut juices were used, the flesh and everything coconut In House Café could think off, they were on the menu! From Coconut juice with longan & lychee or coconut juice ice blended they have coconut dessert too!

Look at these coconut desserts! The most ordered Ice cream with mocha chips or Ice cream with mango – uses the coconut as the bowl, it is then filled with scoops of vanilla ice cream, coconut cream, and corn flakes; cooling and refreshing, and you’ll need this to cool the heat off!

Spacious and has a lot of car park spaces, extensive menu and indeed a café that you’ll get to visit for delicious good food 24 hours daily, let’s go!

More information: In House Cafe

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