MakanVenture: Indonesian Cuisine at Anggrek Kuring!
Have you ever tried Ayam Presto with soft and edible chicken bones? Or Ikan Berdiri with a fish that stands on the plate? Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food Try them all by joining our next MakanVenture FREE food tasting event at Anggrek Kuring! Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food Located at Bandar Puteri Puchong and Cyberjaya, Anggrek Kuring is a specialist in Indonesian cuisine, offering a rich variety of delicious and original Indonesian dishes. The restaurant’s owner, Fungsiwaty, is from Medan, Indonesia. After moving to Malaysia, she decided to bring Indonesian chefs from her country to Malaysia and open a restaurant to serve original and traditional Indonesian fare. Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food The restaurant’s name is derived from beautiful Sudanese words, meaning “My Orchid”. Step into the restaurant located on the first floor and be greeted by a traditional and rustic deco accentuated by Sudanese items, such as teakwood furniture, bamboo handicrafts, and Indonesian batik. Even the dishes are served in the traditional way with banana leaves and bamboo plates, offering diners a memorable dining experience. Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food The restaurant also offers indoor and outdoor catering service for 20 to 1000 pax with a choice of buffet or box meal style. For box meal catering, the dishes will be put in a premium take away box, which can be conveniently distributed to all guests. The quality of the Indonesian food is so good that the restaurant often receives catering orders from local and Indonesian patrons alike. During the food tasting, 8 mouth-watering Indonesian dishes will be served. They are: 1. Ikan Berdiri Kerapu (Deep Fried Standing Fish) Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food “How does it stand?” is the first question that most people ask when the dish is served. To create the unique standing shape, the chef has to cut the fish and hold it tight when the fish is deep-fried. The standing fish is paired with homemade salted egg sauce. Remember to dip the crunchy fish meat into the sauce to enhance the taste. 2. Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken) Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food To make the dish more delicious and healthier, only kampung ayam or free range chicken is used. The chicken is steamed before it is grilled, so that the meat is firm and succulent. The chicken tastes different and delicious, because it is grilled with sweet sauce imported from Indonesia. 3. Ayam Presto (Soft Bone Chicken) Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food One of Anggrek Kuring’s house specialties. The chicken is pre-marinated with spices and cooked for 6 hours with slow fire until the meat is tender and the bone is soft. The cooked chicken is added with deep fried flour toppings to enhance the crunchiness of the dish. Get ready to devour the whole chicken with bones! 4. Udang Sambal Petai (Prawn & Petai in Sambal Chili Sauce) Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food A must-try dish for spicy food lovers. Fresh prawns are stir-fried with petai and sambal chili sauce. Indonesian style sambal is less sweet if compared to local version. 5. Pepes Jamur (Mushroom Pepes) Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food A unique vegetarian dish. Mushrooms are mixed with a variety of spices and wrapped in fresh banana leaves, making the pepes delicious and flavourful. 6. Tahu Gejrot (Deep Fried Bean Curd serve with Special Sauce) Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food Crispy and fragrant deep fried bean curd. It is served with a house special sauce that adds an extra kick to the dish. 7. Perkedel (Potato Fritters) Potato fritters is a unique dish that is popular in Indonesia. It is mash potatoes that are mixed with herbs and spices. A delicious dish that is suitable for vegetarian diners as well. 8. Kopyor Kelapa (Coconut Shake) Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food A new item that is not yet in the menu. It is a refreshing drink with coconut juice, shredded coconut, and ice. Take a sip to enjoy the rich flavours of coconut. 9. Cucumber Lime Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food One of the best-selling drinks. As its name suggests, the drink is a mixture of lime juice and cucumber juice. An ideal drink to revitalize your body on a hot day. Can’t wait to try the tantalizing dishes? Sign up now and be invited to the FREE food tasting at the restaurant on 13th March! *The restaurant is now offering exclusive discount coupons for OpenRice members! Click HERE to find out more! Find out more hottest indonesian restaurant Hunt for the best chicken chop restaurant
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