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We’ve been featuring the best of Mahkota Cheras Part 1 previously and finally we have Part 2 here! More and more new restaurants are blooming over here which makes it another foodie must visit place in Cheras! Mouthwatering hawker food to the best Pan Mee you can get here – it’s time to explore them once again! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Bao Choo Kitchen

Bao Choo Kitchen, Asam Laksa, Pan Mee, Yam Cake, Mahkota Cheras
This Chinese restaurant in Mahkota Cheras is always full with patrons, you’ll hear some passer-by introducing their Assam Laksa to their friends too. Assam Laksa here is delish and full with fish meat, pineapples and cucumber! And a scoop full of prawn paste to enhance the flavor; it is sweet and sour that suits everyone’s taste buds!Their Pan Mee here – would be a hit too! There are 2 types here – the Traditional or Modern to choose from. For the dry version, don’t be alarmed if you mixed them well but still look fair enough as they do not use dark soy sauce in it! Remember to try Fish cakes, Rice pudding, Fried dumplings, Yam cake and more!

2. Flamehill BBQ Restaurant

Flamehill BBQ, Steamboat, Automatic Grill, Mahkota Cheras
Sounds something like Silent Hill? No zombies but only great BBQ food in this Chinese restaurant to feast like a king! Another famous place in Mahkota Cheras for skewers style BBQ, no more worries of grilling it yourself and missed the fun on what your friends had to say because the griller here are automated! Skewers ranging from Beef, Lamb, Smoked Duck, Pork with Enoki Mushroom and many more other delicious food for BBQ choices!

3. Fei Po Ban Mee Restaurant

Fei Po Ban Mee, Pan Mee, Fried Dumplings, Pork Lard, Mahkota Cheras
A Chinese restaurant specialize on Pan Mee, they are another place that you need to go to when you’re at Mahkota Cheras! From soupy to Ma La or even Loh Pan Mee, Pan mee noodles here are entirely hand made by their chef! 5 types of noodle available for your liking, their Pan Mee is chewy and al-dente! The Dry version of it is silky smooth when mixed together with the sauce below the bowl as it has fried pork lard in it. Mixed with minced meat, anchovies and black fungus, your perfect bowl of Pan Mee is ready to be eaten. For a satisfaction guaranteed meal, remember to try their fried dumplings too! Stuffed pack with fillings, very good!

4. Primo’s Café

Primo's Cafe, Spaghetti, The Gentleman's Breakfast, Brunch, Gathering, Mahkota Cheras
A café in Mahkota Cheras that is spacious and can cater for large group gatherings with delectable food; enjoy food like salad, pastas, burgers, breakfast platter and more from their menu! Ice blended beverages here a must try as they are good too. Known for their breakfast platter, remember to try The Gentleman’s Breakfast! With hash browns, ham, and scrambled eggs – they made a perfect breakfast for you! Good coffee selection too, they are a good option too when you need a café to hangout!

5. Cravings Restaurant

Cravings Restaurant, Malaysian Delights, Brunch, Gathering, Mahkota Cheras
Just same row with Flamehill BBQ in Mahkota Cheras, they are quite hidden from sight. As a foodie, nothing will stop you from searching Hi and Low for good food! Here comes Cravings Restaurant – serves Western and Malaysian delights, they do cater a section in the menu for vegetarians too. Portion of the food here are good too. Breakfast & Brunch menu looks temptingly delicious and they have some Malaysian local food like Nasi Lemak, Prawn Mee, Nasi Kerabu and a few more to cater to your needs! A nice place to be for some fantastic taste of food here, remember to check them out soon!

6. Hoa Kee Restaurant

Hoa Kee, Roasted Pork, Siu Yuk, Char Siew, Roasted Chicken, Mahkota Cheras
What about some Chinese food instead? Yes, they have it too in this neighborhood. This Chinesee restaurant is packed during lunch hours, their roasted chicken, poached chicken, Char Siew and roasted pork are good. Crispy, nicely charred and smooth chicken meat – that’s the reason patrons are willing to queue up for good food! Juicy roasted pork, nice crunch on the skin – they are the reason you can gulp down bowls of rice too! Besides, their Wantan Mee are equally good. What are you waiting for?

7. Torazou Ramen

Torazou Ramen, Japanese Ramen, Mahkota Cheras
In the mood for good ramen in Mahkota Cheras but will not burn a hole in your pocket? They have it too here! Looks mysterious from the outside, they are warm and friendly inside. Nice lighting inside, so are the decorations. Wide extensive menu of Ramen’s, side dishes and even rice selections can be seen in the menu. What’s recommended here? Do try their Black Garlic Ramen, Torazou Ramen or if you prefer spicy ones they have it too! Ramen here are handmade fresh daily by the chef. They even had a machine to process the Ramen once it is kneaded ready by the chef!

8. Restaurant Wan Sheng

Wan Sheng Restaurant, Hawker, Food court, Satay, Chicken Wings, Rojak, Prawn Mee, Char Kuey Teow, Mahkota Cheras
Looking for some munches and prefers it to be food courts? Visit Wan Sheng food court in Mahkota Cheras as they have more stalls that will sure to make you fall for it! Food ranging from Char Kuey Teow, Penang Lor Bak, Fried Chicken, Rojak, Prawn Mee, Satay, Chicken Wings and more! As the sun goes down, it is best to sit down at the road side and enjoy what we loved most – Satay and Grilled Chicken Wings! Nicely charcoal fired Satay will sure to entice your appetite for more! Juicy and succulent, their dipping sauce is good too! Grilled chicken wings can be another good option too!

9. Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House

Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House, Egg Pudding, Cheese bread, Cakes, Mahkota Cheras
A bakery in Mahkota Cheras that’s crowded and recommended by many patrons – Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House are known for nice and fluffy breads and cakes! Egg puddings here are super cute! Pumped into the clean egg shells and it and it turns out perfectly delicious and high on demand too! Cheesecakes would be one of the favorites too especially their Hanjuku cheese! Just a perfect place for breads, cakes and pastries especially when you’re craving for it!

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