Leaked News: Top 5 Most Secretive Hidden Food Stalls in Setapak!
Continuous from the previous hit searches for food in KL, who knew Setapak is another foodie haven that you need to explore them straightaway now! All these hidden eateries here would be the best proof to show you that good food still exists!
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(The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Sri Rampai BBQ Chicken Wing @ Sri Rampai

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The favorite of many – Grilled chicken wings, is one of the best that you might not know it existed in Setapak here. Remember to be here early, because if you’re late, do come back the next day. This would be probably one of the best charcoals grilled prepared from scratch by this stall owner. Taste wise? Incredible. Taste it yourself to prove that it is indeed this good!

2. Thai Food Home Recipe @ Jalan Chong Hwa

setapak, jalan chong hwa, Thai Fried Dishes Home, thai
Without notice, you’ll never know that this resident house is too a Thai eatery stall at the same time. Prolly only the residents nearby know that they serves the best Thai food in Setapak. Operated for near 7 years, the owner’s wife is from Chiang Mai. Cooks great Thai fusion style dishes, you can’t simply get this taste elsewhere. Signature dishes range from Green curry spaghetti – fresh clams, squid and oyster mushrooms. Thick green curry, fragrant and superb!

3. Kedai Kopi Hwa yuen @ Jalan Chong Hwa

setapak, jalan chong hwa, Garden Tea Room, Loh Pan Mee
Located behind Chung Hwa High School, this Kedai Kopi Hwa Yuen sells good ‘Loh’ Pan Mee (braised Pan Mee). Operated around 25 years in Setapak, many would still be back for a bowl of goodness! Hand-pulled, the texture is superb and smooth! Thick and nicely braised broth added with bits of pork lards, eat with their special homemade chili is just the best bowl of Pan mee!

4. Kedai Kopi Wah Chue @ Air Panas

setapak, Chinese Tea Room, Fish slice noodles, Hot Lake
At Air Panas here, near the morning market, there is a must try fish ball noodle stall in Setapak! They are located in Kedai Kopi Wah Chue. More than 40 years here, their fish balls are homemade and the owner here insists to make them himself from selecting the right fish until making it into fish balls. Each bite of the fish ball is enough to be back for more! Satisfy your cravings today!

5. Hup Kee Char Siew @ Air Panas

setapak, Hop Kee, Roast, Fried Pork, Fried Duck, Hot Lake
Been thinking about some good melts-in-your-mouth Char Siew? You can get them here too! Located at Air Panas in Setapak, they are known among the locals here. Locals here call the stall ‘Ah Ngau Char Siew’; but the actual name is Hup Kee Char Siew. Soft yet enough to melt in your mouth, indeed finger licking good! Besides, they do have blanched chicken, roasted chicken, roasted duck and roasted pork too! Original text from 我来到,我吃,我分享.

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