Korea’s Top Famous Tiramisu Ice Cream Now in Malaysia! Let’s KISS THE TIRAMISU!

The wait is finally over! Tiramisu + Ice Cream are now no longer just a dream, they are as real as it melts your heart away when you scoop up some real dessert here! Originated from Korea, they are one of the must try dessert shop when you’re in Korea and really famous for the Tiramisu ice cream.

Fret no more! If you drop by Sunway Pyramid, this is the time for it! Soft launch on 15 August 2017, they’re proud to announce that they are beginning their footsteps here to serve you the best of the best classic tiramisu ice cream.

Mark this on your calendar right away - this 18 August 2017 (Friday) will be KISS THE TIRAMISU’s GRAND OPENING and they are giving out 100 cups of FREE Ice Creams! Totally no joke, they are not to be missed as we’ve tried and tested them out during their soft launch, we finally know why they are ranking number 1 in Korea!

KISS THE TIRAMISU uses imported top notch ingredients in order to make the finest dessert the very best, smooth and creamy that will sure to make drool profusely! Looking at the process of making the whole cup of tiramisu treasure, we’re pretty sure why it is totally worth the try! Layers of excitement to your taste buds filled with tasty ingredients, you’ve got to taste it to believe it!

KISS THE TIRAMISU Malaysia had launched 4 different flavors ranging from Tiramisu, Chocolate, Strawberry and Matcha flavor.


The signature flavor of KISS THE TIRAMISU’s ice cream, your taste buds will jump for joy upon the first scoop! The finest tiramisu melts harmonious in your mouth and it is milky smooth and creamy but not cloying, and pretty flavorful because it has mascarpone cheese in it!

Filled with layers of ingredients, it started off with mascarpone cheese, ice cream, crushed cookies, coffee liquor, cocoa powder, and more mascarpone cheese, topped again with ice cream, cocoa powder and tops off with chocolate shavings.


A not to be missed flavor – Matcha will sure to make you smile as we Malaysians too could not resist the Matcha temptation. How does this matcha flavor combine with tiramisu? Heavenly. Added with adzuki (red beans) and the soft serve ice cream, they are totally the best match made in KISS THE TIRAMISU!


Look at that color tone, they are irresistibly nice and it’ll sure to attract the attention from the girls! Topped with dried strawberry bits and comes with strawberries in it, what a fresh twist of strawberry and tiramisu mixture!


Need we say more? Uses top notch ingredients, so does the chocolate. A joyful twist of chocolate tiramisu ice cream, it is filled with a good amount of chocolate sauce that makes us feel overwhelmed as we just love chocolate! Did we say it has bits of soft chewy brownie bits that we totally dig in for it? Trust us; you’ll love this like we do!

Another plus point that we thought it is worth every single penny for it, the ‘golden-rimmed’ cup that makes it totally picture-worthy for you to upload into your Instagram account! Of course, they are for takeaway and it’s yours!

Omo! Look at their opening backdrop and that Teddy that is filled with roses, and really huge in size, it will be there at Sunway Pyramid for you to snap pictures with until this 18 August 2017 (Friday)! Such a lovely bear made with love from Memories of Love for their opening, you can’t miss it for sure!

KISS THE TIRAMISU will be available not just only at Sunway Pyramid, but Cheras folks, jump for joy as they are available this coming October at Sunway Velocity too!

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