Jelly Mooncake Recipe for Mid-Autumn Festival
Green Tea Jelly Mooncake, Jelly Mooncake
Every year, Chinese celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival or also known as ‘Mooncake Festival’. It falls on the 15th day of the Eight Month in Chinese Lunar Calendar. This is the time where every family usually gathers and kids can enjoy playing with lanterns, candles and eating mooncake. Traditional mooncake usually comes in two tastes which is the Lotus and the Red bean Paste wrapped in pastry and then baked to perfection. In recent years, by breaking the norm, you can find some special ones like Durian Paste mooncake or even Dragon fruit taste mooncake. From traditional to non-traditional mooncakes, have you heard of Jelly Mooncake? Making a Jelly mooncake from scratch is so easy that you’ll instantly share this recipe with friends and family. It is healthier as you can control the sugar level and no added preservatives while making one. Time to prepare the ingredients as our culinary expert; Nicole Ann is here to share her delicious recipe:

Green Tea Jelly Mooncake

Green Tea Jelly Mooncake, Jelly Mooncake
For Yolk Filling: 1x Spherical Ice Mould (Able to make approx. 20 yolks) For Inner Fillings: Ingredients (A): 1 Tsp Jelly Powder 40g Sugar 1/8 Tsp Salt 200ml Plain Water 2 Pieces Pandan Leaves (Knotted) Ingredients (B): 160ml Coconut Milk 1 Tsp Egg Yolk Powder 100g Carrot (Boiled and Mashed) [May replace with Orange-colored Sweet Potato] Method: 1. Bring Ingredients (A) to boil, turn to medium heat and add in Ingredients (B). Stir until boil. 2. After boiling on Method 1, sieve liquid and pour accordingly into Spherical Ice Mould. 3. Once set aside to cool down temperature, may place into refrigerator and chill. 4. Apart from chilling the filling, you may proceed to the Mooncake Skin part. Ingredients for Mooncake Skin: 3½ Cup Plain Water 110g Sugar 5 Tsp Jelly Powder 2 Tbsp Condensed Milk ½ Cup Thick Coconut Milk 3 Tbsp Green Tea Powder Method: 1. Add in water, sugar, jelly powder and condensed milk into pot and bring to boil. Once boiled, turn to medium heat and add on the remaining ingredients and slowly stir until boil and turn off heat. 2. Bit by bit, pour around 1/2 cm high onto jelly mooncake mould. 3. Allow jelly to gradually harden to about 50%. 4. Place the yolk filling (Chilled previously) into the middle of the mooncake skin. 5. Pour the remaining jelly liquid and fill up the mould. Keep jelly refrigerated until ready to serve. Besides Green Tea flavor, you can try on anything from your own creativity like Mango flavor or even Coffee flavor Jelly Mooncake! Make yours now and it’s not too late to enjoy this yummy Jelly mooncake with your friends and family!
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