Hot and Must Visit Restaurants in TTDI!
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Feeling left out because you don’t know where are all the best restaurants are? Fear not! This article will let you know all the hottest and trending restaurants in TTDI! Why bother pondering anymore? Here’s the list of the hottest and latest restaurants just for you! From western to Japanese cuisine, we got it all covered! Let's begin our food trail with Wendy, the owner of Carpe Diem by Joie De Vivre Lass's blog! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Chequers

No, this is not a board game but a western restaurant. The ambience over at Chequers is simple yet elegantly matching its theme, chequered. They serve mainly western dishes that are American-inspired. Its signature is their waffle that comes along with nicely shaped, criss-cut fries. They also have waffles with ice creams, eggs, and many more! The food here is chequerlicious and it is one of the best restaurant in TTDI.

2. Izakaya Kushi Raku

This is no ordinary Japanese restaurant. This is one of the best restaurant that specialized in grilling their meat known as kushiyaki. Their skewered meats are done just perfectly and have grab attention of many of TTDI residents and later on the entire Klang Valley. If you’re looking for a casual environment with vintage feeling along with premium quality taste, place would be just perfect for you!

3. La Cafe Memoire

Starting off as just a dessert café, now offering many dishes! This western restaurant would surely give you a wonderful memorable experience! The owner, a qualified and talented chef, even makes the fettucine himself! The ambience is so simple yet cozy with a little touch of vintage giving you a reminiscence of the past. Their smoked duck dishes are definitely their spotlight. It comes in salad and sandwiches that matches perfectly together! Complete it with a cup of coffee and dine all your way to paradise. Dining here will definitely set an amazing experience!

4. Viv's Boutique Cafe & Restaurant

Newly open in TTDI, but that doesn’t stop the food hunters from seeking this best restaurant out in TTDI! This western fusion cuisine restaurant has their dishes with a playful fusion because their chefs have a background of Western and Japanese culinary skills. The setting at the restaurant is very simple yet elegant and artistic. This boutique café has the cozy and comfortable sofas for diners to relax and discuss their matters pleasantly. Their best sellers is the bento set chicken dry chillies which consist of tender and juicy chicken cutlets marinated and glazed with teriyaki and oyster sauce, rendering it an engaging savory sweet palate. Be adventurous and try this fusion café today!

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