GODIVA 2012 Spring Easter Collection
As radiance illuminates pastures when the sun shines; warmth welcomes the air when the wind breezes; the earth is once again rejuvenated by life within the spring glow. Green bud sprouts, melodious bird singing, young silk worm cocoons, vitality and exuberance leaps in the air with lively zest and melody. On this year's new start, everyone rejoices in celebration to nature's rejuvenation, all curious and yearning for a refreshing taste. Hope also grows as Easter approaches with anticipation alongside with the spring season. To welcome this joyous festival, GODIVA introduces the GODIVA 2012 Spring Easter Collection to add a touch of festive flavor to your holiday. This introduction of the GODIVA Spring Easter Collection brings you an exquisitely decorated limited edition chocolate box-set with premium deluxe chocolate for you to share with your family, friends and loved ones for the arrival of spring! Find the Fish Restaurants in Klang Valley Hunt for the Best Singaporean Foods in Klang Valley
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