Dreams are made of Cotton Candies at These Themed Cafes in Klang Valley!
Theme cafe, Hello Kitty Cafe, Flying Teapot, KL, PJ
Ever thought of being a princess like Cinderella and that prince charming? Things made easy with these themed cafes that you can get around Klang Valley! They aren’t your Plain Jane’s because they are beautifully decorated with a theme that could make you drool over the environment and their food too! Ready to explore these themed cafes? Let’s go! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Charlie Chaplin @ One City Mall Skypark USJ

Charlie Chaplin, All Day Breakfast, One City USJ, Skypark USJ, Subang, Themed Cafe in Klang Valley
Theme: The famous Charlie Chaplin in Black & White! No kidding, Charlie Chaplin existed super long ago and now he is brought back to ‘life’ in this themed café! Very vintage and classic decorated café here, you’ll feel almost like fine dining but they are a café concept that serves western food ranging from all day breakfast to main course like salad to pastas, soup, desserts and more. Ambience is good especially for couples as they are warmly lit up. Then again, they are the first international licensed café in Malaysia! Ready to mimic some of Charlie Chaplin’s famous silent acting style?

2. Flying Teapot Cafe @ Serdang Perdana [Permanently Closed]

Flying Teapot Cafe, Serdang, Seri Kembangan, Waffle, Vegetarian Cafe, Pink Theme cafe, Teapots, Themed Cafe in Klang Valley
Theme: Pink Color & Teapots! Yes, we heard you dears! Having a soft spot for things in pink color? This themed cafe would be great then. Looking good in pink color and teapots decorated inside; everything here are indeed teapots that is classified as collector’s item! Extensive menu that serves no meat – they are vegan friendly! Look for their hi-tea set as the teapot is specially designed and they are known for the rainbow cake too!

3. Hello Kitty Café @ Sunway Pyramid

Hello Kitty Cafe, Sunway Pyramid, Hello Kitty, Themed Cafe in Klang Valley
Theme: Hello Kitty! Just like a dream come true, Hello Kitty café are finally here in PJ. From the exterior to interior, Hello Kitty will never fail to attract patrons to dine in this themed cafe! Sweet and cute Hello Kitty café, they serves all kinds of food ranging from all day breakfast, pastas, salads and more from the menu. Do try their waffle because it is a Hello Kitty head shape waffle! Too cute to start munching on it, remember to walk around in this themed café and take more photos with Hello Kitty too!

4. Slurp Café @ 3 Two Square

Slurp Cafe, 3 Two Square, PJ, Dataran 3 Two, Omuraisu, Japanese food in KL, Themed Cafe in Klang Valley
Theme: Comic themed! A comic themed restaurant, they have items ranging from Iron Man, Hulk mural, Dragon Ball mural and more to get from this themed café in PJ! Serves Omuraisu, they are special and tastes deliciously good! For now, they have invented the Ramen Burger and bet you can’t get them elsewhere in KL and PJ! Ramen that is fried and sandwiched together with chicken patty. Wide selection of Japanese style fusion food, their signage looks cute too!

5. Chemistry Lab Café @ Shah Alam

Slurp Cafe, 3 Two Square, PJ, Dataran 3 Two, Omuraisu, Japanese food in KL, Themed Cafe in Klang Valley
Theme: Chemistry Lab Dreamt to be a scientist but then you realized it was so far away from the real you? Forget being another Albert Einstein; sit back and indulge on good coffee, drinks and food! Near to a local university here, this themed cafe has frequent visitors that consist of students and the neighborhood! Everything inside are decorated just like how a lab looks like. Creatively designed, equipments here that you can see like syringes, conical flask and test-tubes can be seen here! A cool themed cafe to chill and relax, you better doesn’t skip this ‘science lab’ that cures your stomach from growling!

6. Flavourest Café @ Kelana Jaya

Flavourest Café, Kelana Jaya, Zenith Corporate Park, Teddy Bear Cafe, Themed Cafe in Klang Valley
Theme: Teddy Bears & Soft Plushies Thinking a place to bring your crush out? Think no further – Flavourest café would sure to win her heart! With cute teddy bears you can see here, they are so fluffy and huggable! Every corner of this themed café consists of bears from small to huge sizes and some might be even taller than you! Since everything is Teddy bear themed, you’ve guessed it right – food wise too are following the theme. Teddy bear shaped cakes, 3D Bear Art on Latte, Bear head-shaped burger and more! The perfect spot for dating too!

7.D’Dream Café @ Kuchai Lama

D’Dream Café, Kuchai Lama, Themed Cafe in Klang Valley
Theme: Doraemon Café! Shifted to Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, you’ll be mesmerized upon entering this café in KL. Lots of Doraemon collector’s item displayed inside – don’t you just envy this themed café owner? If you’re a huge Doraemon fan just like us, behold! You’ll squeak and feels like bringing the whole café home! Serves Taiwanese cuisine, food and drinks are carefully explained by their friendly waiter and waitresses. Of course most important – fully charged your camera batteries for selfies here!

8. DC Comic Super Heroes Cafe @ Sunway Putra Mall

DC Comic Super Heroes Cafe, Sunway Putra Mall, DC Comic, Batman, Superman, Themed Cafe in Klang Valley
Theme: DC Comic Super Heroes! Are you a huge fan of superheroes? Team Batman or Team Superman? Fantastic theme that will sure to get the boys from going to this themed café in PJ to enjoy sipping on drinks that has batman or superman’s logo on it or even the cup that has Batman’s cape on it! Unique decorations that will keep their fans happy for sure; food here are basically more towards the fast food selection like sandwiches, pizzas and burgers! Try them to believe in the power of superheroes!

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