Crab Season is Here! Top Restaurants to Enjoy Delicious Seafood at Klang Valley!
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Everyone loves seafood just like how we love it, isn't it? You will surely be excited especially various seafood dishes that you get to find there. Just likes crabs, it can be delicious even cooked in different taste! Different kinds of crabs such as ‘tiger crab’ and French bread crab have been launched. What makes you satiated? Eat lots of crab of course! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Long Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant 亚龙槟城烧鱼海鲜饭店

Long Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants which provide various delicious dishes around Kepong area. Baked crabs a must try! The taste of baked crab brings out the salted taste, the juicy crab meats is so delicious without too much seasonings, Besides, grilled fish here is must try too! Try the yin-yang sausage which is contains of fish and pork intestine that are cooked in different methods! Crispy, tender and spicy and tastes delicious with dried shrimp, such tasty dish can be eaten with rice too.

2. Nong & Jimmy

A known seafood restaurant specialized in Thai style, Nong & Jimmy is it. Remember to try their baked crab, grilled cuttlefish, Tomyam seafood soup and steamed fish in Thai style. Besides, there are dishes such as black pepper and Thai style curry crab are great too. Cockles too a must order! So many more to order, remember to be here with your friends!

3. Just Seafood

Just Seafood, specialized in seafood are one of the talk of the town. Let’s order the Seafood Platter that comes with different kind of seafood and cooking method too! First, the fresh and extra large oyster are served and followed by garlic mussels and the meaty mangrove crab. After grilled with charcoal, adding chili powder and salt, it tastes even better! Besides, BQ sting ray and steamed spicy 'Lala' are dishes that cannot be missed. Seafood dishes can be accompanied with special chili sauce in order to be tasted better.

4. Crazy Crabs

Crazy crabs is special with the crabs which breeds here. Foodies can get fresh crab directly here after placing orders. The meat is so fresh and that is what they are famous for! Cooked in a few style like steam, cream style and 'kam heong' will sure to tantalize your taste buds! Besides, curry fish and vermicelli with shrimp are great too!

5. Restaurant Soft Shell Crab Specialist 软壳蟹皇

Soft shell crabs? They are a must try! Having more than 30 types of the soft shell crab cooked in different methods and served with different flavors; every dish here has its own amazing taste. The must try dish here would be salted egg soft shell crab!

6. Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant 蟹王香海鮮

Crabs here came all their way from Sabah! Enjoy your crab with the home made chili that helps to enhance the crab meat texture! Foodies can try the crabs with different taste such as cheese and black pepper. Besides crabs, shrimp and fish are great too. Pork knuckles, edible frog in herbal wine soup and squid are quite delicious to be tasted.

7. Crab Generation Restaurant 蟹的传人

Take a look of the menu, wow! Various food with more than 20 types of crabs are available here. Today, Crab Generation Restaurant had launched 2 types dish which is the French bread crab and ‘Tiger’ crab. Both crab meats are good too! So many cooking styles, choose the one you like most! Wish to try different types of seafood at the same time? A dish with full of nutritious ingredients such as crab, shrimp, mussel and scallop. A wonderful taste to enhance your appetite!

8. Fatty Crab

Operating for several years, Fatty Crabs had been recognized by foodies around the area of Taman Megah here. Various types of gourmet foods are ready to be served! The special which cannot be missed is crab dishes! A fresh crab can be delicious when tasted even though it is cooked in different flavor. Spicy crab is one of the most ordered dishes here. Breads can be eaten together with the spicy crabs gravy, wonderful!

9. Han Lim Seafood Restaurant

Looking for fresh seafood? Han Lim Seafood Restaurant is the place that you should look forward to! Fresh and juicy crab meats, they have it in several cooking styles too. Besides, they have other dishes like steam Lala with wine, steamed prawns with egg white, salted egg crabs and blanched squid.

10. Fei Fei Crab Restaurant 肥肥蟹海鲜饭店

Do you know they have peanut butter crabs here? Wow! Special isn't it? They too have another fusion style of Honey Lemon crabs! Many more seafood that you can get here like edible snails, baked fish with salt and hot plate seafood that is equally good!
Long Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant 亚龙槟城烧鱼海鲜饭店
Nong & Jimmy
Just Seafood
Crazy Crabs
Restaurant Soft Shell Crab Specialist 软壳蟹皇
Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant 蟹王香海鮮
Crab Generation Restaurant 蟹的传人
Fatty Crab
Han Lim Seafood Restaurant
Fei Fei Crab Restaurant 肥肥蟹海鲜饭店
Klang Valley
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Sungai Besi
Aman Suria
Kelana Jaya
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