Challenging Style: Mom & Dad, Let’s Take a Real Food Challenge This Parents’ Day!
Parents Day, Challenging Food, Raw Octopus, Cheese Cake, Gelato, KL, PJ
Sporting, cheeky and adventurous, your parents just love to challenge the weirdest taste when it comes to food and they can handle it better than you? Believe it or not, we have all these food that we’re pretty sure they’ll love it when you suggest it out! Are you ready? (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Friendscino

Friendscino, Parents Day, KL
Perhaps us Asians, we seldom bring our parents along to bars and clubs, but at Friendscino, this is truly a place to enjoy with them! Indeed eat, play and enjoy when you're here! Nice night view, beer, food and their darts machine! Isn't it challenging?

2. Lepaq Lepaq (Nasi Lemak Cheese Cake)

Lepaq Lepaq, Nasi Lemak Cheese Cake, Parents Day, KL
Nasi Lemak WHAT? Yes. Cheese cake that is really made out of Lepaq Lepaq’s creativity that uses Nasi Lemak’s ingredient inside. Crushed oreos and peanut cake as the base, mixed with coconut milk glutinous rice and cream cheese and a layer of cucumber jelly. Then topped with anchovies and chili flakes. Ready?

Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe (Nasi Lemak Galato)

Whimsical, Nasi Lemak Gelato, Parents Day, KL
Prolly ever since Nasi Lemak had been listed as one of the healthiest food, there you go. Another Nasi Lemak delight to taste and its Gelato! How will this score? Get your parents there and dug in!

3. Dining in The Dark

Dining in The Dark, Parents Day, KL
Blind-folded and dine in complete darkness? No sight needed, just sense and smell will do. Isn’t this interesting as you know your parents will sure to love it? Thrilling, anticipate what they’ll serve to your table when you decided to dine there!

4. Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, Huge Pizza, Bangsar, Mid Valley, Parents Day, KL
Noticed that both of them enjoy watching eating contest and wish to join it too? Then head to Mikey’s as they are now having this competition – finish up their pizza within 40 minutes and you’ll walk out richer with RM500 in total! Only a few managed to complete it… Challenge accepted?

5. Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket, Ice Blended, Desseet, Shah Alam, Parents Day
photo credit to icebucketfnb
No, you do not need to throw this bucket upside down, but instead, sip it up! A really huge bucket that contains your favorite ice blended beverages with toppings and fruits, give it a try this parents’ day!

6. Shi Fu Wantan Mee Restaurant

Shi Fu Wantan Mee, Cheras, Fiery Pan Mee, Wantan Mee, KL
Famous for their noodles, do you know they have the most fiery Pan Mee that will sure to sweat you up? If your parents love extremely spicy food, this place will sure to be a good choice! This will sure to be a love-hate relationship when you’ve tried their fiery Pan Mee!

7. Crazy Fish Restaurant

Crazy Fish Restaurant, Raw Octopus, Korean cuisine, parents day, hartamas, mont kiara, KL
What’s crazier than eating octopus alive here? Are you totally in for it? Bring your parents here as they might handle it better than you! Eating it lively, dip it into the dipping sauce and chew thoroughly or else… you figure it out! Remember its Crazy Fish Restaurant!

8. Ming Chu Home Restaurant

Ming Chu Home Restaurant, Chinese Cuisine, Seafood Pot, parents day, ioi boulevard, puchong, KL
Looking for Chinese cuisine instead? Then treat them to Ming Chu Home Restaurant here for their famous ‘Weird Pot’ that consists of fresh seafood! How come it is called weird? Mixture of clear broth, fragrant ingredients, thick and spicy too! Weird isn’t it? Give it a try now!

9. P.S. Tokyo

P.S. Tokyo, Wasabi soft serve, matcha soft serve, dessert, ss2, pj
Dessert comes first than anything else for them both? Then you should try P.S.Tokyo’s wasabi ice cream! Never thought of having wasabi ice cream that comes with ebiko too? Now this is what you call weird but truly acceptable taste! Get some goodness here while stock lasts!

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