Blogger Recommends: Scrumptious Food Finds in PJ!
Boat Noodles,Haraju Cube,Inside Scoop,Curry Leaf Restaurant, KL, PJ
Blogger Sakthi from A Journey of Life has recommended to us some great restaurants to visit in the weekends. In this article, she will bring us to find out some nice restaurants in Petaling Jaya. Petaling Jaya is where Sakthi stays and a fast-developing area in KL with lots of new and interesting restaurants. Let’s come and find out the nice foods in PJ ! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Boat Noodle @ Empire Damansara

Boat Noodles, Thai,  Spicy, Sweet, Empire Damansara, KL, PJ
Bangkok's boat noodles have sailed into Damansara Perdana, stirring up a sweet and spicy storm for fans of Thai fare. This restaurant in PJ serves their signature Boat Noodle, desserts, snacks, and beverages. They have 2 types of sauce for the boat noodles spicy (Ayutthaya) and non-spicy (Pathumthani) and 2 types of meat (Chicken and Beef). The ambiance of the restaurant was good and they have an indoor and outdoor seating area.

2. Haraju-cube @ Empire Damansara

Haraju cube, Toast, Ice Cream, Sweet, Empire Damansara, KL, PJ
Haraju-Cube is located above Metal Box in PJ. The cafe specialises in Japanese honey toast which originates from Harajuku, Japan. The cafe also takes pride in its fresh and homemade ingredients such as fresh milk, honeycomb, sweet caramel sauce, pure French butter, Uji matcha ice cream and more! The dessert was yummy and humble service by the staff. Strawbelicious is toast box served with Vanilla Ice-Cream, Whipped Cream, Fresh Strawberry and dizzied with brown sugar.

3. Inside Scoop @ Damansara Jaya

Inside Scoop, Bacon Ice Cream, Waffle, Sweet, Damansara Jaya, KL, PJ
Inside Scoop churns out some of the best ice cream in the city. The Ice Cream Parlour serves a variety of Ice Cream in cones, scoop, and waffles on different flavors like Durian. Whether you have your ice cream on a freshly baked waffle cone or slightly melted on a warm, buttery waffle, Inside Scoop in PJ provides momentary joy for the restless and the overworked and for the sweet tooth too!

4. Curry Leaf Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

Curry Leaf,  Damansara Uptown, KL, PJ
The Curry Leaf restaurant is located at Damansara Uptown(PJ). It is a restaurant originated from Seremban and it smells great when we entered the restaurant. So tempting!! The restaurant serves wide varieties of foods (more than 100 choices and you will be confused what to order). They do have mixed rice choices and tastes equally good! Remember to try them today!

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