Blogger Recommends: Korean Food in Klang Valley for the Kimchi Soul!
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After her previous recommendation on ‘Interesting Food You Need to Eat Right Now!’; Wendy, the owner of Carpe Diem by Joie De Vivre Lass's are back with scrumptious recommendations! This round let her introduce you on some favorable Korean food to satisfy your Kimchi soul! Where would it be this round? Find out more below! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Kajak-Kajak Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama

Nestled at the ever brisk neighborhood of Kuchai Lama, is where you would find this tantalizing Korean BBQ restaurant. All ginseng used are sauced from Korea itself, with beef and lamb produce are gotten from Australia and New Zealand respectively. The menu here is extensive, covering from the common Korean snack and staple food to heartily grilled meats! These Korean foods are really tender, juicy and satisfying! Some of the recommended ala-carte dishes: - Honey Comb Pork - Spicy Pork Belly - Bomb Pork (Must Try) - Fried Chicken To sum up, meat lovers would definitely relish in it. With more inventions made by the chef from marinates to dipping sauces, they are indeed worth your time to try this Korean restaurant in KL!

2. B.Bap Korean Bistro @ Avenue K

This time, we are going feast on a modern-chic Jeongshik at the casual and lively vibes of Hallyu, over here at B.Bap Korean Bistro, at its Avenue K outlet. Embarked on a simplistic yet rustic wooden theme, let’s first warm up the tummy with some soothing tea before we go full-fledged! To begin, we had tried quite some delicious Korean food and these are not to be missed: - Dolsot Bibimbap Octopus - Yang Myeon Chicken Wings - Soon Dubu Jjigae Seafood - Mackerel Jeongsik - Bingsu Berrylicious If you ever drop by, do remember to try out the BBQ Beef Steak as they are not like conventionally dished out like a fillet but pull it off fantastically with its luscious slices. Oh, yummy yummy to the last bite, mashishoyo!

3. Ticket to Korea @ Setiawalk Puchong

Unlike the traditional Korean dining, they do not have servings of Banchan here. Of course with fantastic fine-tune made, buy yourself a Ticket to Korea for fantastic food awaiting you there. Run and owned by a lovely young couple who hails all the way from Seoul, Ticket to Korea is the place to be. To begin without Banchan’s, let’s try their snacks instead of Cheese sticks that are wrapped with sweet potato, that is crispy and good. More of the recommended Korean foods would be: - Cheese Pork Ribs: Succulent pork ribs and good melted Mozzarella cheese - Sous Vide Pork Belly Steak - Cotton Candy Soda - Black Sesame Latte - Cheese Donkatsu - Homemade Burger of Three Patties So remember to fly by Ticket to Korea whenever you are nearby! One word, simply DAEBAK!

4. San Nae Deul BBQ Bistro @ Empire Damansara

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Having been in operation for nearly 2 years now, San Nae Deul BBQ Bistro has been greeting the palates of the Klang Valley folks with enticing and scrumptious BBQ buffet set. Priced at only RM39++ for lunch and RM45++ for dinner, this is indeed a steal! Diners could choose from the relatively large menu options of various Korean traditional dishes as well as assorted meat cuts of different marinades. I particularly love their gochujang and special house sauce, simply executed with in-house recipe but taste stellar! Relish in the All-You-Can- Eat Korean ala carte BBQ buffet from: - La Galbi (La Beef Rib) - Samgyeopsal (Grilled Sliced Pork) - Daepae Samgyeopsa (Bamboo Grilled Sliced Pork) - Squid & Pork Bulgogi and more! Overall, it was another notable Korean feast where meat dishes are of concerned. It’s a great place for meat lovers to enjoy and fix their carnivorous craving at such a bargain, with freshness and qualities are reassured.

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