Blogger Recommends: 4 Nice Places to Chill in Klang Valley!
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Always looking for a place to enjoy sipping on coffees and other nice food to munch on alongside with some soothing music and warm lighting so you can hang out and chill in that corner of yours? Here are some recommended ones from Sherlyn, the founder of O'Food O'Life! Time to reveal the nicest place in Klang Valley now! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Typica @ Ampang

Typica, Lavender coffee, Ampang, Pomegranate Cheese Cake
Having occupied a corner at the back of Shaw Parade Plaza for the last 6 years, the owners have decided to consolidate all their business into their only outlet at Ampang in KL which began operation almost a year ago (Typica in Shaw Parade has seized operation with effect from 16 Mar 2015.) Having carried a very basic looking cafe, with Chinese touch, they mainly used old style wooden furniture. Following which, their Ampang outlet, which operates from a bungalow residential unit will offer a much bigger space. Typica only sell coffee that is light to slightly medium roast, maintaining the original coffee taste as much possible. I ordered their Coffee with Milk, and chose the lavender flavor. Lavender reminded me of Hokkaido, thus, I gotta order this. The lavender was fresh flowers used to abstract the taste. Very fragrant in fact. Having heard much about their cake, the cheesecake itself was definitely one yummylicious slice of cake. Generous amount of pomegranate was visible within, and on top of the cake, making this slice of cake looked extremely gorgeous.

2. Ministry Of Coffee @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

Ministry of Coffee, MOC, Solaris Mont Kiara, Coffees, Open Fish Pie
If one enters the SOHO car park, just look for the J exit and MOC is facing the back road of the building. I somewhat did not expect the size of this cafe in KL to be this big. It occupied up to 2 floors, and overall, it offers an absolutely comfortable environment for those who appreciate spending good relaxing time in cafes. I like the whole deco of Ministry of Coffee. Spacious, high ceiling, with a feature area, where they hang many colorful cups and saucers turned upside down, incorporating them to lighting. A creative way of using such simple items; I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of food made available by this cafe, where they offered pasta, pizza, sandwich, salad, which comes in variety of choices, apart from their specialty coffee. Spotted Open Fish Pie on their menu. This is an open style pie, whereby instead of closing it up as a pie, its actually exposed. Cooked with creamy sauce, which taste absolutely delicious, it came with pan fried seabass, sauteed vegetable, and creamy mashed potato. I was indeed very pleased with the selection, quality of food and coffee served here. Definitely calls for a second visit, soon.

3. Whisk @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Whisk, Subang, Salted Caramel Macaroons
Having heard much of their coffee, and macaroon, I can't wait to have my share of what they have to offer. Well, the more impressive part for me on how well their staff knows about their products, and I love to see his passion to recommend me their macaroons, and cake, and sharing knowledge about their coffee served. We were also recommended the carrot cake, and we agreed to give it a try. It’s in fact a very light cake, fluffy and moist, filled with icing sugar frosting. It carried good taste of cinnamon, filled with sufficient walnut. Whisk uses coffee supplied by Oriole, a Singapore based company that supplies them Arabica roasted beans, and was informed that these beans are used within 1 month to ensure its freshness. I was tempted to try coffee with Nutella, but as this was my first time to Whisk, the staff has asked me to take their non-flavored coffee, so that I can enjoy the original flavor of the Arabica beans. I enjoyed taste of my Latte, which was so smooth, and creamy.

4. Whimsical Cafe @ Publika, KL

Whimsical, Publika, Gelato, Cielo Dolci
Having first entered the F&B market though its Cielo Dolci gelato, it has now spanned to a full fledge cafe, serving food, and apart from some interesting gelato flavors. This cafe in KL have also infused selected flavors into their food offering. The gelato flavors are listed on the wall, and I thought, how would it be possible to have a Nasi Lemak gelato flavor. Upon sampling it, its indeed like I was eating Nasi Lemak, as the gelato was made with sambal. I was tempted to try their new offering, the Salmon Gelato & Rosti. A dish that totally led my curiosity to tinkle. I can't imagine how would salmon gelato taste. I went for the safe option by having Latte. It was indeed a good cup of coffee, with just the right amount of milk with espresso. Original Source from Sherlyn, the founder of O'Food O'Life!

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