BBQ-Lovers Should Try! 14 Recommended BBQ Restaurants around Klang Valley.
Klang Valley, a food heaven for sure the BBQ should not be missed. There are so many types of BBQ including the Korean, Japanese and Thai Style. Meat-ilicious BBQ? There is a whole list for you to check-in! Gather up and be ready for the meat-marathon!

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Korean BBQ

Sae Ma Eul, a top recommended place for Korean BBQ and they have few outlets which is Solaris Mont Kiara, Kepong and Jaya One. The Solaris outlet is their first outlet and is the begin of the popularity of this restaurant. The top chosen set is the pork belly and the mini octopus set. The rice balls are also recommended as after the BBQ would make the taste better!

Shinmapo have more than 430 outlets in Korea and they are known as the Korea’s Number 1 BBQ already. Now, they have reached Malaysia and they are located at the SS 15 Courtyard and The Gardens. They serve high quality meat in the shop which this includes the beef and their well-known pork skirt meat. The melted cheese ring for dipping is such a sinful thing! Making you to have a feeling of not to stop!

Palsaik stands for Eight Colours and at Palsaik they have eight different flavour of the meat served. There are eight types of different sauces and ingredients like the ginseng, red wine, pine leaf, garlic, herb and curry. You can try and see which kind of the taste fits you. Their seafood soup is greatly recommended, rich of seafood taste and spicy, worthwhile to have it with the BBQ.

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Hwa Ga is one of top rated Korean BBQ. They have a buffet style of BBQ and each person only require about RM39++, which there can be continuous refill for meat and dishes. Most of the meat here are pork while you still have the beef and seafood as selection. The most favourite part of the pork by the diners is the pork belly, thin sliced pork belly, thin sliced beef and cuttlefish. Some other recommended Korean main dishes is like the Kimchi Soup, spicy fried rice cake, Bibimbap and Kimchi Fried Rice.

San Nae Deul and Hwa Ga is from the same organisation, San Nae Deul has become famous earlier than Hwa Ga. They also hold a buffet concept which let you refill the meat, fried stuffs, vegetables and fried rice. The meat available here is almost same like San Nae Deul like the pork belly meat and pork neck. At here, each table would get a bowl of cheese for you to eat it with the BBQ meat, making it more exotic!

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Bamboo house is also another buffet BBQ restaurant with unlimited fresh meat, Korean Side Dishes and plain water, you get to refill them non-stop! The Pork Belly is a must over here. After BBQ-ing the pork belly, the crunchy and juicy little meat, so mouthwatering and it is so hard to stop down. Other than meat, you can consider about adding the cold noodle which would need additional charges. The cold noodle and BBQ meat is how the Korean eat it, worth a try as an experience though.

Japanese BBQ

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Momotalo Yakiniku is top recommended as the best Japanese BBQ in Klang Valley. The restaurant has been operating for quite a few years already and the popularity is still quite high. In the Japanese BBQ, it is all about originality of the BBQ and at Momotalo, they use the charcoal fire for the BBQ. Those fresh beef gets cooked real fast on the charcoal fire and it is at the best original taste with bursting juices into the mouth!

When ROCKU Yakiniku opens, many of the people actually went over and queue for trying the BBQ out! They were so famous that the queue was continuously long for quite some time. At here, it buffet concept also with the meat, seafood, vegetables and some Japanese side dishes. The food is really good especially the sliced beef, scallop, salmon, clams and some other seafood! There is a stage in the restaurant which sometimes have live band and magic shows at the peak hour, a real good entertainment.

Yakiniku Toraji is located in Isetan The Japan Store at Lot 10 and owning up to 70 outlets worldwide! Theme of Japanese BBQ but there is also some Korean food as a choice to the diner. At here, it is mainly about beef and they have a lot of kinds! For instance, Chuck of Sirloin, Extra Prime “Harami” Outside Skirt and TORAJI Beef Tongue can be a choice for you. Bored of BBQ only? Try some fusion of the Japanese and Korean food. Some recommended Korean dish are like the cold noodle, chicken soup, rice cake soup and Bibimbap.

Gyukingu can be found in both the Dataran Sunway and Sri Hartamas. They are one of the top chosen places for hangout by the youngsters. Good for enjoying some good food with friends while building relationship. At here, you get to find the Wagyu and the fresh scallop from Hokkaido, definitely would trigger the taste bud of yours! Gyukingu encourages the diner to grill the beef themselves which the diner gets to grill according to their preferences. 

Thai BBQ

Japanese BBQ Buffet? Korean BBQ Buffet? Thai style BBQ also does have this concept of eating-all-you-can-eat! Find this at Charcoal and Clay which is locate at Klang and it is only RM 33.90 per person. They have few kinds of different marinated pork and chickens for the BBQ! Seafood is also available but it is not the buffet session. Not to miss out the Thai side dishes like the lemon grass pork stick, fried pork intestine and Thai salad.

12. Soi 19 Thai Steamboat & BBQ
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Soi 19 is well-known with their Thai Steamboat and Thai BBQ, they are even listed in the top recommended for Thai Steamboat and BBQ. At here, they greatly recommend to have the BBQ with the cold iced beer which is a really great match. The soup in the Soi 19’s steamboat is free of MSG. Especially with the mixture of juice of the grilled meat and the sweetness of the vegetables in the steamboat soup, it is making the soup really good and rich of taste. You can find pork, lamb, chicken, seafood and vegetables in the BBQ set while you also get to order additional side dishes. Best that you all can go in a group and you can order the Jim Jom pot which is made of the Thai Herbs.

Photo Credit: NK Mookata
NK Mookata is located in Kuchai Lama, a good place for original Thai Charcoal BBQ. The basic set for BBQ does have a quite plenty amount which included Sliced Pork, Chicken, Seafood, Meatball and Vegetables. The marinated meat is being marinated from the sauce made from the owner and it does make the meat smell really well after being grilled! There are also many Thai dishes here like the Braised Pork Leg Rice and Papaya Salad. 

Photo Credit: pikwenp1
Kepong for Thai-style BBQ? Come to SenThai& Mookatat at Bandar Menjalara for it! There are a few sets that can be chosen by the diners. It can either be all pork sets or pork mix seafood sets. The boat noodle, skewed pork stick and Thai-style fish cakes should be considered as side dishes!
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