Bagel Time! 10 Great Bagel Cafes in Klang Valley!
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Bagels are rather new in Malaysia and many don’t know about this unique type of bread that is a HIT in the US; but do you know they are originatd from Poland? It’s really special because raw bagel dough is boiled in water first before baking, making the outside firm but the inside soft and dense. Bagels are commonly eaten plain, but popular toppings include poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Here are 10 places you can find these delicious bagels in the Klang Valley: (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. B for Bagel @ Publika

This particular joint in Publika(KL) isn’t a café so there aren’t any seats but you can take away and eat your bagels at the nearby food court. They offer several types of bagels including plain, blueberries, sesame, mixed vegetables and more. After picking your type of bagel, you can pick a filling, whether savoury or sweet. We had their salmon cream cheese filling and it was heavenly, with the soft fresh salmon suitably paired to the firm bagel.

2. Brooklyn B Bagel @Subang SS15

One of the original cafes in Subang Jaya to serve bagels, they started out as an outlet called Cham bagels before changing their name. The quiet and comfy environment really compliments their very extensive menu. Bagels are served with chicken, lamb and beef, as well as tuna salad and eggs. Apart from bagels, they also serve pasta and main courses like chicken parmigiana and beef goulash for dinner.

3. Caffeinated Cabin @PJ

A hidden gem in Jalan Gasing, this café in PJ isn’t easy to find as there aren’t any signboards outside. However, if you can locate La Salle School, the café is just beside it in a building shared with Chezz hair salon. The setting is absolutely calming with a pretty outdoor garden that features fountains and wooden garden chairs. They have several types of bagels, and each of them is unique on its own. We settled on the Turkey ham and raspberry jam version and were very surprised that it worked well together.

4. Croisserie Artisan Bakery

A cosy little place in KL that is both a café and a bakery, Croisserie’s bagels are best eaten with a pat of butter. There are usually two or three types available daily and their plain bagel, studded with sesame seed, comes highly recommended. However, their bagels are not served with any meat or sweet filling, unlike other places. There are plenty of other delicious mouth-watering pastries here too, like croissants and tarts.


Located in the heart of town near the Masjid Jamek area, this rustic café is a popular place for tourists who come here for the coffee and locals who drop in for lunch. It’s a pretty busy cafe in KL and getting a parking would be a blessing, customers are advised to consider public transport. The bagels at LOKL are part of their breakfast menu, available from 8am to 11am daily and are served in two ways, either with beef bacon, fried egg and roasted pumpkin mash or with cream cheese and salmon.

6. Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village

Nutmeg in KL is always packed with customers and for good reasons. Their food is extremely delicious and exceptionally original. Here the bagel is served with cream cheese and lox (a fillet of brined salmon). The addition of capers and subtle seasoning to the lox creates an exquisite flavor that doesn’t leave your palate felling mushy from the raw fish. Rather, it is refreshing and even the cream cheese is light and airy.

7. Piccolo Café @Equine Park

Piccolo café is actually a musical café in PJ and upon entrance, you will notice the many instruments there including a grand piano, violin, drums and a saxophone. The bagel here is a sweet dessert version served with Nutella, banana and a generous portion of whip cream. You would think that this combination will be too rich, but it’s actually not. It comes across and a lovely ending to a meal.

8. Quar/Tet @TTDI

A charming café in TTDI started by a group of musicians, Quar/Tet serves coffee as well as main courses like pastas, meats and sandwiches. The staffs here are extra friendly and very smiley. There are three styles of bagels served, salmon and cream cheese, beef bacon and cream cheese as well as plain bagel with cream cheese. The bagels are so tasty that you can enjoy it by itself with no extra frills.

9. TedBoy Bakery @Bangsar

TedBoy was started by an enterprising couple in KL who named it after their son. There are plain bagels to take away, or you can ask them to add a sweet cream or savoury cream cheese filling for a small charge. Alternatively, they have bagels with either salmon slices or turkey ham on a bed of fresh crunchy vegetables for those who choose to dine in.

10. The Morning After @Jaya One

Bagels here are called Sammies, which are their signature style of sandwiches with different types of fillings, including salmon, roasted chicken, turkey ham, beef sirloin and even, a vegetarian version. It’s very innovatively served with crunchy tortilla chips drizzled with cheese sauce. Service is excellent here and you really can’t go wrong with whichever Sammies you choose.

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