9 Special Steamboat Restaurants That Are Worth Visiting at Klang Valley!
Having steamboat is always a good choice when comes to gathering with friends. I know, sometimes you just bored with those common type of broth and ingredients in steamboat. This is human behavior, we love new things. You should consider going to these restaurants and try their uniqueness!

This steamboat shop is very famous that they have been on many shows and on the media. There soup base which is their Signature Black Chicken Herbal Soup is top recommended because of the richness of the essence of the soup. The restaurant also does their own homemade balls ranging from the Golden Yolk Pork Ball, Signature Beef Ball, Crystal Fish Ball, Quil Egg Chicken Ball and several others that you might have tried at other places. Creative and it tastes good which kept on attracting the customers to go back.

The winter melon steamboat is barely found, putting a winter melon ‘pot’ into the steamboat pot is kind of unique to some of the people. You can find this at Low Maji Restaurant for their winter melon steamboat. Remember to be there early especially during the weekend as there is often a long queue there! Putting the steamboat ingredients into the winter melon would add on the sweetness of the food as the ingredients get to absorb the essence of the winter melon. You also can eat the winter melon at the end of the steamboat and there is knife provided.

Most of you may have tried the Tom Yam broth steamboat. How about the curry steamboat? If no, come over to Yugami Steamboat which is located in Sri Petaling. Their signature broth is the Curry Fish Head broth, rich and spicy curry that you have! In the broth, they use the fresh grouper fish to cook and there are already dried tofus, eggplants and ladyfingers in it. Not only curry, you can also try the Assam Laksa broth, sour-ish and rich taste. Some of the in-house homemade ingredients that can be added to the broth are like the Prawn and Fish Egg Paste, Stuffed Crab Shell and the Burst Meat Ball. Remember to come and try the rarity out!

Popo is one of the tops visited steamboat restaurants in Kepong. The signature of the shop is their Pork Bone Steamboat and the broth is made by their owner. It is very cool to have the traditional clay pot steamboat which really gives a different feeling of eating the Steamboat. There are many side ingredients here and some of the recommended are like the Fresh Prawn Ball, Mushroom Pork Ball, Fish Ball, Pork ball and the fried fish skins. Go and experience how the traditional way of eating the clay pot steamboat!

YeZi is the first steamboat restaurant that has coconut broth steamboat. That’s so cool! There is a really great response from the diners there and the people did come back to them. The aroma of the coconut juice in the broth is way fresh and sweet compared to the chicken broth. The Original Yezi broth may be the signature but they also have the Imperial Canton Broth, Treasures of the Ocean Broth, Fragrant Shao Xing Seafood Broth and the Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth. All of this broth is also added to coconut juice! As for dishes, the Premium Beef Slices, Beef Meatball, Black Truffle Balls and Bamboo Prawn Paste which are made by themselves, totally recommended to try it out! 

Taifeng may not be as famous as some of the other restaurants on this list but the restaurant tend to be a choice to be the venue for most of the events. The signature broth of the shop is the Pork with Pickled Cabbage Broth, sweet and is good for health. As for the ingredients that you should not miss are the ‘healthy ball’ series like this Pumpkin Ball, Pork Tendon Ball, and Yam Ball. The Taifeng Burst Ball Series is also a must to try! Eating them is would be like bursting the secrets in those balls into your taste buds.

How about a Thai Style Steamboat? Soi 19 Thai Steamboat & BBQ can be a choice for you. Their signature Jim Jum Steamboat is a traditional Thai food. At here, it is Pork Bone adding with Thai spices filled in a small little clay pot placed on the charcoal fire, filling the air with the aroma. It is best eaten along with seafood and pork. Then, come with a cup of cold Thai beer. Oh my, Aroi Mak Mak!

Two Pesos served affordable and worthy steamboats with the idea of one person can have steamboat as the serving can be for one person. There are many selections for the diners with a different kind of broth like the Signature Stone Pot, Spicy pot, Light Vegetarian Pot, Seafood Scallop Tagine Pot and Seafood Tofu Pot. Such a creative steamboat restaurant! You can spend some time to try them one by one as each different type of pot have their fans.

Le Cottage is steamboat restaurant hidden away from the city. It is a beautiful place with a lake there and you get to enjoy the good food with the good scenery. The soup base that they have is like the Coriander, Century Eggs & Tofu Soup, Tom Yam Soup and Sour Soup in Vietnamese Style. They emphasize in healthy food where there is no MSG in the soup. The ingredients here are good and special! Like the handmade fish balls, fish pastes and fish noodles. There is also some other premium seafood that you should try like the Alaskan Crabs, it is so mouth-watering!

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