9 of the BEST Thai and Hong Kong Milk Teas
Are you a milk tea fanatic too? Join the club! Be it our local Teh Tarik or Taiwanese milk tea, we all love them. However, if you deem yourself a milk tea fanatic, we expect you to not pass on Thai and Hong Kong milk teas, too! Taiwanese milk teas take the centre of stage when it comes to milk tea, but Thai and Hong Kong milk teas aren’t always easy to find.

Which is why we’re here, today, to show you the best places to get Thai and Hong Kong milk teas from!


1. ChaTraMue

(Credit: ChaTraMue Berjaya Times Square)

ChaTraMue is Thailand’s most popular milk tea store, with a history of over 70 years. They’ve since graced Malaysia with their presence at IOI City Mall, Times Square and Low Yat Plaza. Their best-selling drink is the signature original (but duh, this goes without saying). It’s extremely fragrant and it’d almost feel like you have the entire heaven in your mouth the moment you drink it. 

(Credit: joel.jpeg)

Tuk Tuk Cha arrived Malaysia just last year, causing a storm of rage across the internet, particularly amongst the youths. Not only do they serve classic Thai milk tea, they also offer Thai matcha milk tea, coffee milk tea and even beverages that aren’t milk-based, for those who are lactose intolerant! Over 15 types of beverages are available, along with the ever popular Shibuya honey toasts. 

(Credit: Chill2)

Chill Chill is the milk tea outlet under the wing of Boat Noodles. They’re undoubtedly one of the more popular Thai milk tea shops in Malaysia. There are already 10 outlets in Kuala Lumpur alone! Chill Chill’s milk tea is exceptionally sweet — slightly sweeter than others, in fact; you can request for it to be less sweeter if you’re worried about your sugar intake — and particularly cooling. It’s essentially refreshing to have under our tropical weather.

(Credit: lance_lantz)

“Cha Yen” is basically what milk tea stands for in Thailand. The name basically gives away what they specialize in. Did you know even Thai people have praised their milk tea? If Thai people love it, too, you know it’s going to be beyond amazing. The authenticity could potentially one-up Thai milk tea in Thailand. They even stock Thailand’s famous fruit sodas, which are extremely refreshing to be drunk under the hot weather.

(Credit: singyee90)

Folks living in Petaling Jaya are most likely familiar with Boran, we’re sure. Boran is pretty famous, not only for their milk tea but also for the price of their milk tea — you can get a sufficient size of milk tea for only RM5! Yes, you’re not seeing things! RM5!! Boran is actually a restaurant specializing in Thai street food, which makes sense because Thai milk tea is often available at street stalls in Thailand. One more reason to visit them: They also sell Betagen, a highly recommended beverages that are usually found in only 7-11 stores in Thailand.


6. Daan Daan

Daan Daan is actually an eggette shop, but who knew they also stocked Hong Kong milk tea? We guarantee you; the best of Hong Kong milk tea lies with Daan Daan’s variant. They’re awfully fragrant and well-brewed, and are sold in small bottles. If you’re worried about the quality, let us ease you with the fact that their milk tea is extremely fresh. Other than milk tea, you’re also able to taste the traditional apricot kernel dessert!

Unlike other Hong Kong eateries, Jeuk Sing Café doesn’t have any full-course meal; instead, their prime focus is on Hong Kong street food. Naturally, that means there’s going to be milk tea! In fact, it’s actually one of their signatures due to it being particularly well-received by their patrons. The authenticity is commendable and they’re not too sweet either. One sip and you will feel like you’ve experienced the best of Hong Kong’s milk tea culture! 

Dairy Tooth is the representation of Hong Kong’s food culture from the 1970’s. Everything your mother had eaten when she was on a trip to Hong Kong in the 1970’s can basically be found here! Dairy Tooth’s Hong Kong milk tea is smooth against your tongue and soothes your throat. We love the texture of their milk tea; it feels a little bit creamy, but it adds character to its flavour!

HK Boy Cart Noodle is slowly rising to stardom. They’re essentially another addition to the Hong Kong street food culture scene in Malaysia, with classics like curry fish balls and eggettes. Cart noodles are actually the highlight at HK Boy Cart Noodle, but we’re going to talk about their milk tea! It’s served traditional-styled, in a big ol’ bucket of ice to keep it cool without putting any ice cubes in the tea itself to dilute the flavour. It’s convenient and easy, and keeps you cool throughout your meal.

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