9 European Restaurants for 'Truly' Western Dining Experience
When someone mentions Western food, many Malaysians would usually only think of the typical Italian staples: Pasta and pizza. Western cuisine is more than that as the west is comprised of many countries and hundreds of different cuisines.

Thus, here are 9 European restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that you should totally check out for a truly western dining experience — it’s much more different compared to what we’re used to!

1. Black Forest & Nagaba 
Serving the most of authentic German cuisine, majority of their dishes are pork-based, ranging everything from pork knuckles to pig head jelly. The Black Forest Specials in particular are recommended, so if you’re not sure what to have, we suggest going through the list. Let’s not forget the nachspeisen (desserts) either — they offer homemade ice-cream, so remember to ask the waiter what the flavour of the day is!

This one stands out as they serve a mixture of Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and even Kazakh and Uzbek cuisines! If you’ve ever wondered what horse meat tastes like, try out the Kazy — cold-cuts of sausage-like horse meat. They have quite a fatty texture but they’re very delicious! There’s the classic Borscht — sour soup with beetroot as its main component, which we highly recommend for a dash of East European taste. You also have the option to choose either half or full portions for your food.

3. Rosti Haus 

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You no longer have to travel all the way to Switzerland just to have a delicious plate of rosti because this Swiss German café is doing the job in Malaysia! Their dishes are rosti-based. The Rosti Egg in particular brings a new definition to the word “heaven” — rosti cooked to perfection, topped off with an egg and sides; it’s a flavour we’re sure potato lovers would die for! Do note that bookings have to be made prior to visiting the café.

4. Sapore 

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A restaurant serving both Spanish and Italian cuisines; their menu encompasses of dishes you wouldn’t normally find in other restaurants. What’s a better way to spend your lunch than with some delicious cold-cuts? Indulge yourself in a sinful plate of Lardo Flavoured Tuscany Pork Lard alongside a cup of aromatic tea — or if you’re an alcohol lover, wine. For a completion of meal, dip into their tiramisu for dessert!

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With Puzzini, you get a taste of Swedish pizza with a twist – less bread, more cheese! The Mamma Mia pizza — original pizza served with mushroom sauce and an option of chicken chunks or beef pepperoni — is their most major hit. Not a fan of pizzas? They serve tons of other Swedish delicacies as well, so here’s a reason for you to still drop by!

Café Café boasts a reputation for their authentic and absolutely elegant French fare. A plate of the highly well-received Burgundy Beef Cheek goes well for a romantic night with your beloved. The meat is cooked to absolute tenderness — it almost feels like it melts in your mouth! Even without the food, the atmosphere is enough to get you into a romantic frenzy, so maybe make this your Valentine’s Day destination next year. ;)

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Malones is an Irish bar and restaurant. With many delicious traditional Irish dishes to offer, we opt for you to dig into their specialty Grilled Salmon which is lavishly drizzled in special creamy dill sauce and served with homemade salad. The Irish Fish Cakes and Irish Stew are not to be missed as well. Not to mention their food is halal!

Brussels Galerie serves Belgian food and alcohol, and their main courses are largely meaty. The Pork Rib Roast is one that’s impossible to go wrong with for char siew lovers with its crispiness and juiciness. Homemade recipes are the best and thus, we would highly recommend the Golden Chicken Thigh — chicken thigh marinated with homemade recipe and deep-fried. The golden colour of it is enough to make you imagine the taste.

Can’t afford Café Café? Step inside Rendez-vous for some traditional French food at reasonable prices! With ingredients fresh and French-imported, the food quality at Rendez-vous is highly assured. If you’re feeling brave, why not go for some raw oysters? Sprinkle some lemon juice all over them before consumption — it may not be a flavour us Malaysians are used to, but certainly not one to miss. All food is also elegantly served and Instagram-worthy, so get your phone cameras ready!
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