9 Best Food Attractions in Jaya One, PJ
Strategically situated in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Jaya One is home to a long list of restaurants, bars, shops, education institutions and also PJ Live Arts. Meanwhile, The School is a new retail space which has just sprang up beside Jaya One. The School is an enrichment mall, which means that unlike other malls, they care about a better education and a parent’s needs. As such, more than a third of the establishments at The School are places for learning, while the remaining retail spaces are dedicated to fulfill a parents needs for relaxation, shopping and of course - dining.
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Let's take a look at some must-try eateries in this area. (The restaurants below are arranged in no particular order. Some of the establishments are not halal.)

1. Robata Monkey

robata monkey, japanese, bbq, jaya one, pj
Robata Monkey is a new brainchild which is set to follow the successful footsteps of its elder siblings – Kissaten, Lameeya and Bangoya. Robatayaki is a Japanese grilling technique which traces back to Northern Japan all the way in 1600. It is the original traditional Japanese barbeque which is cooked in front of customers who will be served directly, just like from a sushi bar. A wide selection of fish are available for grilling. Those wanting a more unique experience can also try its banana-inspired cuisine. Bubbly Buffet Brunch is also available on Sundays with free-flowing sashimi bar, sushi bar, robatayaki and kushiyaki.

2. Go Noodle House

go noodle house, jaya one, pj
If you’re wondering where to head to for a simple meal, GO Noodle House is a good spot! Three kinds of noodles are served here: mian xian, bee hun and pan mee. Meanwhile, soup base comes in superior or spicy versions. Patrons may also choose among different ingredients to go with the noodles, amongst others are pork ball, fresh fish ball, squid ball, bursting meat ball, homemade fish paste, fish slices and such. What’s special here is that Hua Diao Chinese wine are sold in bottles of 5-years and 3-years olds to be added into the bowls of noodles. The fragrant wine goes superbly well with the soup, bringing out a whole new type of unique aroma and taste.

3. Doi Chaang Coffee

doi chaang, jaya one, pj
Doi Chang Village sites on a mountainous hillside within the Chiang Rai province of Northern Thailand. In 1983, as part of the Royal initiative and also to break away from the dangerous Opium farming and trading as a main way of life, the Akha hill tribe farmers began cultivating and processing coffee, resulting in the birth of Doi Chaang Company. Doi Chaang Coffee is the only Thai, single-origin, USDA Certified Organic, Fair-Trade Certified, shade grown, premium 100% arabica coffee in the world, rated top 1% worldwide. Do expect aromatic and rich coffee without excessive bitterness here.

4. Marufuku Udon

marufuku udon, jaya one, pj
Marufuku is a modern Japanese casual dining restaurant. They are proud to position themselves as a fresh udon concept restaurant, with the firmer strands of udon noodle texture as a differentiating point. They charge very humble prices here and food quality and portion are worth the frequent revisit. Although this is an udon house, its Donburi dishes are also good. Plenty of affordable side orders such as tempura and salad are available as well. Do also save some tummy room for desserts which are simple and sweet.

5. Chilli Rush

chili rush, spicy food, jaya one, pj
For those chilli crazies, gather your troop of Buffalo Soliders and attack Chilli Rush for some serious battle with fire. Chilli Rush has taken their Signature Chicken Wings to a whole new different level by saucing and tossing them in special homemade sauce with 10 different levels of spiciness. For the not-so-brave ones, Level One is a kid-friendly version. Meanwhile, those who mean serious business can even opt for the Chilli Rush Challenge Level and try to beat the Chef!

6. Coconut House

coconut house, italian food, jaya one, pj
Hailing all the way from Malacca, the Coconut House has some long history of serving delicious homey feeling Italian specialties. Its latest branch in Jaya One also offers wood-fire pizza! Prices here are reasonable, food are deliciously-prepared and the ambience is cosy. Its porky affairs also do well. One of the favourites here would be the Penne Sausage with tomato, Italian Sausage, Rosemary and whipping cream and parmesan sauce. The premium Italian pork sausage is juicy and bursting with porky flavours.

7. Bangoya

bangoya, japanese bbq, pj
Bangoya may be accessed through Kissaten. Patrons will have to climb a flight of stairs to reach the “Land of Rising Sun” inspired rooftop where Bangoya is situated on. Each table will be given a charcoal stove – yes this is a DIY barbeque station (but if you appear to be very troubled by the cooking, the kind waiters will give you a helping hand). Being a Japanese barbeque restaurant, its specialties are the Yakiniku and Kushiyaki. Anything wrapped in bacon is also a must-try for baconatics.

8. The Bee

the bee, cafe, pj
If you’re feeling like a hearty breakfast or a good mouth-full of burger, buzz over to The Bee! Breakfast fanatics will be pleased to find that they are allowed to have breakfast food for dinner here. Meanwhile, the house-made beef patties from 100% Australian beef are also juicylicious for those feeling carnivorous. Those who love the Spanish version of doughnut may also find a good rendition of Churros here, served with a choice of caramel, Nutella or chocolate sauce.

9. Kimchiharu

kimchiharu, korean food, jaya one, pj
Kimchiharu started off as a family-ran business serving only 27 dishes and with a vision to serve healthy food. This is the place that you should go for a quick and affordable Korean fix. Its new revamped menu consist a wide variety of tantalizing Korean favourites – ranging from bimbimpap, topokki, ramyon, jigae and bulgogi. One of the favourites was the bimbimpap with cheese added on top. Meanwhile, the Pork Bossam and Jigaes are decent here as well.
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