8 Totally Worth Visiting Restaurants & Cafes in Tropicana, Petaling Jaya!
Tropicana is a quiet hidden area in Petaling Jaya, and we’re sure that many of you have never even consider this place as your primary destination for food hunting – be ready to change your mind, as there are plenty of worth visiting restaurants and cafes that we’re going to recommend to you today, just bookmark them now!

HAPP Cafe has taken Instagram by storm since its opening in Tropicana Avenue last year, and the fever doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. This florist cafe is well-known for its brightly lit atmosphere with warm minimalist decor, and beautiful flowers can be seen cheering up the space. Come here for their Chamomile Honey Cake as it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but tastes absolutely great with appealing nuances of tea.

LAVO is a restaurant lounge and wine bar endowed with modern and classy interior, comprises spacious dining area, wine deck, and a wine cellar with a dizzy array of great wines. The menu has vast selections ranging from Western cuisine to Asian delights – Char Kuey Teow is definitely a must try, nothing fancy but absolutely lip-smacking and full of ‘wok hei’, it’s worth every penny spent! (Photo credit: LAVO)

TST Hotpot is quickly growing to become patrons’ favorite hot pot restaurant in the neighborhood, serving authentic China-Chinese style hot pot with three flavors available at the moment including original Chong Qing spicy soup, pork bone soup and tomato soup. This restaurant is often praised for its unique interior with ancient Chinese vibes too. Amazing food and great ambience, totally worth recommending we’d say. (Photo credit: Soong Xin -ee)

This lovely cafe with whimsical charm is not just a cafe, but part of it is sectioned out as boutique store. The interior is diligently decorated to create a feminine and lively space that’s suitable for patrons to unwind. The Japanese Raindrop cake named Unicorn Tear Drop is definitely the star attraction here – crystallic jelly-like dessert served with ground hazelnuts and honey, it’s gently sweet and firm to the bite, what’s more the pricing is surprisingly affordable, how can you say no to it? (Photo credit: TERRACOTTA CAFE & BOUTIQUE)

Ingrained by Ironwoods is located under the same roof with Cellar Eighteen – specializes in Australian coffee, this place makes such a great coffee spot for those who are into lighter roast as compared to what other cafes in Klang Valley have to offer.  Ask for your coffee to serve in an elegant wine glass if the barista is not too busy, and enjoy a delicious bagel that’s stuffed with your choice of traditionally smoked mackerel or salmon for a satisfactory weekend brunch! (Photo credit: Ironwoods)

Started from a home-based set-up in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Beard Brothers' BBQ has now expanded their business to Tropicana, and finally it allows dine-in here! Why this is the best place for you to satisfy your meat cravings – serving tender and juicy beef briskets, ribs & lamb shoulders, the meats are slowly smoked to perfection in order to seal the juices and enhance the flavors – each and every bite is to die for! Just get down to Beard Brothers' BBQ now if you’re a carnivore in need of protein! (Photo credit: Beard Brothers' BBQ)

MAZE is that one place you’d love to explore for both day and night – when the clock ticks to 6pm, this place will magically transforms from an elegant coffee saloon to a stylish gin parlour! MAZE is bringing gin enjoyment to the next level by offering over 200 gin focused labels and vast selections of fancy gin cocktails. Let’s start your day with coffee and end the night with a lovely gin cocktail, absolutely perfect. (Photo credit: MAZE)

Doraemon lovers would be thrilled to find out Koyaku Japanese Dining & Grill that located in Tropicana Avenue, as the restaurant interior can be seen playfully decorated with the comic book characters, as well with recycled boxes which is what makes this place even more noteworthy! Koyaku serves a fair share of authentic Japanese cuisine, comprises assorted sushi, sashimi, noodle, teppanyaki set and many more – fresh, flavorful and abundant, indulge yourself with scrumptious Japanese fares in Koyaku today! (Photo credit: michellelly1124, nyonyachef, malcolm.kristin, kenlau81)

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