8 Restaurants to Go for Irresistible Lobsters!
Eating lobster seems to have become the new trend, as more and more restaurants in Klang Valley are offering lobster dishes. With the opening of 2 new lobster restaurants in KL, namely Steaks & Lobsters and Pince & Pints, lobster lovers have more places to visit for delicious lobsters! Although lobsters are one of the priciest seafood in Malaysia, they are worth trying once in a while, as the flesh of lobsters is very juicy and springy!
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Check here for some awesome restaurants to visit for lobsters! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Pince & Pints @ Bangsar

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Pince & Pints, a well-known lobster restaurant from Singapore, has arrived in KL! All the live lobsters (600g-650g) here are sourced from Boston, Maine, and Canada twice a week to ensure the lobsters are fresh and juicy. The lobster menu is very simple, as it only offers 6 cooking methods. We recommend their Lobster Noodles, which is stir-fried with ginger and spring onion in Cantonese style, just like our favorite Sang Har Mee! All lobster dishes are priced at RM158++ each.

2. Steaks & Lobsters @ Sri Hartamas

steaks & lobsters, sri hartamas, kl, lobster
The name of this restaurant in KL is as straightforward as its menu, which is separated into 2 parts, 1 for steaks and 1 for lobsters! Three types of steak, including Grass-Fed, Angus, and Wagyu, are available to cater to different needs. The steaks are wet-aged in vacuum-sealed bags to make the texture of the meat moist and tender. For lobsters, they are using fresh Boston Lobsters with huge clams, so that customers can enjoy the fun of cracking the clams.

3. Lobbee @ Empire Damansara

lobbee, empire damansara, pj, lobster
Lobbee is the first restaurant in Klang Valley that brings in the famous Tomyum Noodles with Lobster from Bangkok. The lobster here is probably the cheapest you can find at any restaurant around KL and PJ. Priced at only RM98, their signature Lobbee Combo is a big bowl of Tomyum Noodles served with not only lobster, but also other seafood, including king crab legs, salmon, squid, mussels and soft boiled egg, what a steal! This extra-large Tomyum Noodles can be shared by 3 to 4 persons.

4. Lobsterman @ SS2

lobsterman, lobster, ss2, pj
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Lobsterman is an established lobster restaurant in PJ that has been around for more than a decade. They specialize in American lobsters with claws. What’s special about the lobster dishes here is that they can be prepared in many different styles, including both Western and Chinese style. Some special cooking methods include Sashimi Lobster, Shelter’s Garlic Lobster, Drunken Lobster and Lobster Porridge.

5. Red Lobster @ Various Places in Klang Valley

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Originated from Florida, Red Lobster is the world’s largest seafood chain restaurant with more than 700 restaurants around the world. Kick start your meal with their popular Lobster Bisque, which is a creamy soup topped with shredded lobster meat. Another specialty dish is the Seafood Marinara with Grilled Lobster. It is spaghetti with grilled half lobster tail, mussel, prawn and marinara sauce. The lobster meat is so fresh and bouncy that you would surely come back for more!

6. Crab Factory @ SS2

crab factory, ss2, pj, seafood, lobster
Photo credit to Crab Factory
Prepare to get your fingers dirty when dining at Crab Factory in PJ, because the seafood here is served in Louisiana style with no utensils provided. Customers are supposed to enjoy the seafood by pouring them on the table and eat them with hands! A wide variety of seafood is offered here, including prawns, mussels, yabbies, crabs, king crabs and lobsters. For lobsters, they offer red Canadian lobster with claws. It can be prepared with spicy or non-spicy sauce to suit your taste-buds.

7. The Kobe @ Jalan Ampang

the kobe, jalan ampang, japanese restaurant, kl, lobster tepanyaki
Tucked away at Nihonkan club at Jalan Ampang, The Kobe is a spacious Japanese restaurant in KL with both indoor and al fresco dining area. They have a special yakitori section at the poolside, where customers can enjoy the nice view of the pool and indulge themselves in freshly grilled skewered meats. Another must-have signature dish here is the Lobster Teppanyaki, which is a fresh lobster that is grilled with cheese to perfection. The texture of the meat is very juicy and springy!

8. Ishin @ Old Klang Road

ishin, japanese restaurant, old klang road, kl, lobster
Occupying a semi-bungalow, Ishin is a well-known Japanese fine dining restaurant at Old Klang Road in KL. The seafood here is freshly air-flown from Japan twice a week to ensure the quality is fresh and consistent. They have a very special lobster dish called Lobster Kaminabe Soup, which is a paper pot that is cooked with fire when served. The highlight of the dish is the soup rich in the sweetness of seafood, as it has absorbed the essence of the whole lobster! Visit these restaurants today to enjoy fresh and delicious lobsters!

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