8 Restaurants for the Best of Sea Park!
Sea Park is one of Petaling Jaya’s gems when it comes to food. Here, you can practically find anything, from our beloved local nasi lemak to beef noodles. Parking may be difficult due to this, since people flock to Seapark for the food. Now, you may be turned off knowing the parking can be difficult, but — as long as you’re early, it should be no problem. Let us hop onto the front seat and drive you down there!

Are you ready for the best roasted duck in all of Klang Valley? The roasted duck at Sunrise Restaurant is a definite must when you’re at Seapark. Renowned for having the tastiest roasted duck in Klang Valley, Sunrise will take your taste buds on a flavourful adventure! It’s actually made with a family recipe passed down generations, following a common pattern of roasting the duck after marinating and pickling it. We highly suggest you be there early, as their roasted ducks run out pretty quickly.

By “chicken rice”, we don’t mean those poached birds Hainanese folks have blessed us with. Here, at Hoe Fong Restaurant, you get to have deep-fried chicken with your rice. The chicken is fried to a crispy golden in a wok, juicy from the fat meat and oil. Hoe Fong also trumps with their Penang lor back, which we highly recommend having along with their fried chicken. They pair well with rice too!

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Australian Confectionery prides themselves in offering the best cakes and pastries in town. That also totally means their durian puff must not be missed  because hey, that’s what they’re famous for, after all! The durian cake is also well-received by customers. Letting it defrost for a few minutes after emergence from the fridge is highly recommended to allow the durian flesh inside soften and make your experience more memorable!

Sisters’ Curry Laksa has made themselves a legend since a while ago. Spearheaded by a pair of sisters, as the name suggests, Sisters’ Curry Laksa serves up delectable curry laksa that comes with the standard but yummy ingredients of poached chicken, cockles, vegetables and bean curd. They even have a variation that comes with beef! Now that’s not as common. Beef lovers can now savour the best of curry laksa with their favourite meat.

This little rojak truck is quite well-known amongst the locals for serving one of the best rojak in the area. Only two selections — one standard and the other with squid 
 are available, but what makes their rojak so good is that it explodes with flavours the moment you plop it into your mouth; sweet and savoury, with the right texture. Not to mention, it’s fulfilling enough for those with small appetites.

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The shop name says it all. They serve Teochew fish ball noodles that are a reminiscent of the ones from the 60’s. The spotlight here obviously goes to their fish ball noodles, but their signature Mee Pok — flat noodles topped with minced pork, fried lard and onions — is just as hot. Aside from their homemade fish balls, other fishy delights are also available, such as fried fish cakes and bean curds stuffed with fish paste!

Nowadays nasi lemak with fine food presentation is the rage, but the love for stall-sold nasi lemak has never dies. Nasi Lemak Bumbung has been around for a long time, offering nasi lemak that’s sided with seasoned chicken, fried egg and a good amount of curry; a clear commemoration of traditional nasi lemak while managing to hit all the right buttons (and taste buds). Nasi lemak lovers, you cannot afford to miss this!

It’s time to get porki-licious! The Porki Society is a society dominated by pork and a heaven for pork lovers. Thai elements are proudly visible in their food, filled with generous amounts of pork 
 all kinds of pork; from pork balls to liver, lard to BBQ pork! A bowl of boat noodles will do you no wrong, not when it’s one lavished with amounts of lard, pork ball and pig blood. 
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