8 Recommended Vegetarian Restaurant Around Klang Valley!
There are many reason why people have vegetarian food, but which ever reason it is, we still enjoy eating healthy and delicious at the same time! So many places for some really worthy vegetarian food around Klang Valley, let's go!

This restaurant is really quite famous in the Kepong area. They have much different selection of food varying from mock Bak Kut Teh, Nasi Lemak, Fish Head Noodle, Pan Mee and more. Truly a great place for some vegan dishes.

Kechara Oasis is located at PJ which the restaurant considers healthy nutritious food to come first. There are many choices of food ranging from Chinese, Tibetan or Vietnamese style food, and the taste is very unique. Moreover, they do have a Tibetan style vegetarian 'Dim Sum' that you need to try too.

RGB & The Bean Hive is like one of the hidden gems for vegetarian food in the Klang Valley. The serve mainly vegetarian western foods here and the recommended to try are like the burgers, pumpkin soup, and their tomato pasta. Not forgetting their Big Breakfast, good choice for brunch and it is vegetarian!

Known for it's vegetarian dishes that are in demand and available in most major malls in Klang Valley, come here for the famous Hakka 'Lei Cha', the Herbal Soup Steamboat with Multi-grain Rice (Pepper Flavor), vegetable curry pot, vegetarian nasi lemak, fried mushrooms and the fruit tea. No mock meat used in their ingredients, they ensure you enjoy the best of vegetarian dishes without doubt!

Thai style vegetarian dishes? Come to Kon Rak Pak to try their Tom Yam, Green Curry, Pad Thai, Fried Rice, Mango Sticky Rice and their Thai Dessert, the Red Ruby. The restaurant is full of the aroma of Thai Food, which would make you hungry just by smelling it. To Thai food lovers, it is really worth a go!

Photo Credit: D’life

D’life, another vegetarian shop with the different choices of food selections, ranging from Asian to Western and even Indian food also have. Many came here for the pizza and pasta dishes. The Sesame sauce Enoki Mushroom and curry mock lamb is recommended also.

At here, they serve large portion food that can be shared and can be a choice for having events or gatherings here. Their vegetarian Abalone, Small Bites Platter and many others are made delicately which is really eye attractive. Their Vegetarian Curry Chicken wrapped in Bread is one of their recommended as the vegetarian curry Chicken is rich in taste and eating with the soft yet crunchy bread is so delicious and it is almost unstoppable.

Nature's Vegetarian Restaurant has been opened for 22 years in PJ. The owner of the restaurant is a vegetarian, for sure he knows well on the preference of the taste of the vegetarians. The restaurant is filled with antique style design which may bring a peace of mind when entering the shop. The recommended food here is their Vegetarian Dim Sums like the Steam Dumplings, Fried Carrot Cake and Vegetarian Chee Cheong Fun. This is a good place for you to have your weekend gathering for morning tea.

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