8 New & Hot Restaurants in KL & PJ in September!
In September, cafés continue to be in the limelight, as new cafés with interesting concepts and products keep popping up in the city. The café trend seems to be more enduring than most people would have expected. It is different from the trend of burger or bubble tea, as many cafés have their own distinctive interior and food. That’s probably why it is more sustainable than other food trends.
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Let’s have a quick look at some of the new restaurants in KL & PJ that have become the talk of the town this month: (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Wild Sheep Chase @ Taman Desa

wild sheep chase, souffle, taman desa, kl
Operated by a young and lovely couple, Wild Sheep Chase in KL is a nice and comfortable café located on the first floor. Step into the café and you’ll be greeted with a white and bright interior, which makes every corner of the place Instagram-worthy. The star attraction here is their Vanilla Soufflé, which is made of kampung chicken egg to ensure the texture is soft and moist. We enjoy every bite of it! Also popular is their Earl Grey Milk Tea sprinkled with lemon zest. Do visit this cafe in KL when you are free because it is so beautiful and refreshing!

2. Brolly @ Persiaran KLCC

brolly, persiaran klcc, kl
Located at Menara Felda, Brolly is a brand new dining restaurant in KL that brings 9 different brands under one roof, offering an extensive menu of Western and Japanese dishes, including Cajun style seafood, BBQ seafood, Japanese curry rice, pizzas, chicken wings, desserts, drinks, etc. Adopting a garage theme, the restaurant is creatively decorated with old school vehicles, exos pipes, and mechanical tools. Food wise, their Tore Karaage Omelette, BBQ Coffee Chicken Wings, and Thai Beef Guava Salad Pizza are worth trying.

3. Take Eat Easy @ Kepong Menjalara

take eat easy, kepong, menjalara, cafe, light bulb juice, kl
Located not far from Kepong Village Mall in KL, Take Eat Easy is probably the most talked-about café in recent weeks. They have successfully caught the attention of youngsters with their fresh juice served in light bulbs! The juice is freshly pressed to order to ensure the taste is good and refreshing. What's more, customers can bring the light bulb bottles home after finishing the juice! They also serve very good all day breakfast, especially their signature Mighty Breakfast served in a large portion.

4. S Garden @ Pandan Indah

s garden, pet cafe, pug, pandan indah, kl
With the success of CuBs & CuPs at Sri Hartamas, we are seeing more and more pet cafés opening in the KL, and S Garden is a new addition to this group of cafés. The owner brings his 3 pet dogs, including a Pug, a Poodle, and a Shih-Poo, to work every day. Pet owners are more than welcome to bring their dogs to visit the café to have fun and make new friends. Simple dishes, such as fried chicken chop, pork chop, and spaghetti bolognese, are available here. They have a separate menu for pets too!

5. Steaks & Lobsters @ Sri Hartamas

steaks & lobsters, sri hartamas, kl
The name of the restaurant is as straightforward as its menu, which is separated into 2 sections, 1 for steaks and 1 for lobsters! Three types of steak, including Grass-Fed, Angus, and Wagyu, are offered in this western restaurant to cater to different taste-buds. The steaks are wet-aged in vacuum-sealed bags to make the texture of the meat moist and tender. For lobsters, they are using fresh Boston Lobsters with huge clams, so that customers can enjoy the fun of cracking the clams. Half lobsters are also available to make lobsters more affordable to most people.

6. Bean Reserve @ Bangsar

bean reserve, nitro coffee, bangsar, kl
Have you ever tried a nitro coffee or tea before? Try it at this new café that is quietly hidden in a secluded neighborhood in Bangsar. They are the first café in KL that serves nitro tea, which is infused with nitrogen and gives the tea a creamy and foamy mouthfeel that resembles beer. They also serve soft-serve ice cream with cereal milk and seasonal flavors. If you are a coffee lover, give their soft-serve affogato a try and you would love it!

7. Softcore @ Sunway

softcore, sunway, pj, lava cake
The first and only lava cake specialty café in PJ! Founded by 3 enthusiastic young men from Singapore, Softcore aims at becoming a friendly café that serves fresh and delicious dishes made of quality ingredients. Their menu is pretty concise, as they prioritize quality over quantity. Their passion in bringing good food to people is clearly shown in their signature product: the lava cake, which is perfectly baked with a soft exterior and a molten center. The salted caramel flavor is by far the most popular flavors among its patrons.

8. Way Modern Chinois @ Bukit Damansara

way modern chinois, chinese cuisine, dim sum, bukit damansara, kl
Getting tired of the same old Chinese dishes? You might want to give Way Modern Chinois a try, as they offer exquisite Chinese Cuisine with a creative twist. The restaurant has been around KL for more than a year, but it’s only until recently that they have become more widely known due to a new series of innovative dim sum that are recently launched. Some visually striking dim sum include Skinless Xiao Long Bao, Prawn Mai with Squid Ink Web, and Golden Rose Wanton. Visit these restaurants for an enjoyable meal!

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