8 Milk Tea Shops You MUST Try in Kuala Lumpur!
The milk tea industry has been a major hit in Malaysia ever since it reached local shores all the way from Taiwan. Despite its Taiwanese origins, other countries — such as Thailand — have since created their own version of milk tea.

It’s impossible to resist milk tea — we’re all victims to this heavenly drink. Therefore, we bring you 10 milk tea shops in Kuala Lumpur that you absolutely need to try — or else you’d be part of the “outdated” club!

ChaTraMue is everywhere in Thailand and has been the subject of the youth’s rage there. Count ourselves lucky that they’d branched out to us! Aside from the original flavor, their menu offers over 10 lavish flavors. We strongly urge you to try the Thai Milk Green Tea — its flavor is concentrated and fragrant without being overly sweet; utterly refreshing!

Remember those days when Chatime and Gong Cha were all the rage and you’d find yourself in a dilemma over whether you should have Chatime or Gong Cha? While Chatime’s milk tea is undeniably good, Gong Cha’s milk tea has its own charm. Their Winter Melon Milk Tea is what gets the patrons coming back for more — die-hard fans have even noted that Gong Cha’s Winter Melon Milk Tea is very close its Taiwanese counterpart!

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The change of their name from Chatime to Tealive did not stop the patrons from flowing in continuously. They’ve maintained the recipes they inherited from Chatime while simultaneously developing their own recipes as well. Ask a loyal Chatime patron and chances are you’d get the recommendation of their Roasted Milk Tea, Grass Jelly Milk Tea and Bubble Milk Tea — which we highly recommend as well!

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Leaf & Bean isn’t exclusively a milk tea shop; they offer coffee and delicacies such as Western food and cakes as well! Their signature is the smoothest milk tea. Not only that, Leaf & Bean takes a step up in their creativity to release two-drinks-in-one milk tea — where the cups are divided into two and filled with two different milk tea. Now you can hit two birds with one stone!

The Royal Tea craze from Johor has now reached SS15! The Royal Cheese Milk Cream has left a dent in many patrons’ bank accounts due to its unique cheesy flavor. Other than their signature, they offer traditional milk tea and fruit tea — all guaranteed natural and fresh! Another thing that stands out about them is that they offer durian milk tea, coming in either black tea, green tea, matcha or peach oolong tea!

Chill Chill is honestly the best place to chill at as their Thai milk tea is chilling to the core. There are several outlets and you can access them in several shopping malls. The original Thai milk tea is good as it is, but the green tea and coffee flavor will get your squirming in your seat just as much! This is also one of the few milk tea shops that offer ice-blended drinks.

Unlike other milk tea shops, this “shop” in particular does their business in a vehicle! They can be found at Taman OUG, Sri Petaling, Kuchai Lama and Taman Connaught’s street market. If you’re not in the mood for milk tea, you may opt to try out their iced tea or ice-blended tea.

Back then, we had to travel to Singapore if we wanted to get a taste of Koi’s milk tea. Not anymore now! They have since opened outlets in 1 Utama, KLCC and Sunway Pyramid. Besides Honey Milk Tea, we highly recommend their signature Golden Bubble Tea. Their tapioca pearls are chewier than the ones we usually get and they’re even gold in color! Gimmicky and deliciousness all in one!
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