8 Insanely Good Foods in Sentul
Due to the booming of property sector in the past few years, we see the redevelopment of many old areas in Klang Valley. One of such places that have undergone drastic changes is the Sentul area, especially the east side, as YTL has carried out a few big projects to transform the whole area into a medium to upscale residential area. The good news is that food lovers can now find both old and new restaurants in Sentul.
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Let OpenRice Malaysia walks you through some of the best restaurants you must try in Sentul! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Lau Heong Seafood Restaurant

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Asked anyone for the best Chinese restaurant in Sentul area, they will surely point you to Lau Heong. This well-known seafood restaurant in Sentul has been around for more than 40 years. It is now managed by the 2nd generation. Most of the seafood here is sourced from the owner’s hometown in Bagan Datoh, Perak, which explains why the seafood here is so fresh and big in size! Some must-try specialty dishes here include Fried Chicken Wings, Thai Style Prawn & Squid, Curry Fish Head and Salted Egg Mantis Prawn. The Thai Style Prawn & Squid is served sizzling hot on a piece of banana leave with sweet and creamy sauce. Absolutely delicious!

2. Samira by Asian Terrace

samira, asian terrace, thai, vietnamese, sentul park, sentul, best food, restaurant
Tucked away at the Koi Centre (opposite klpac) at Sentul Park, Samira by Asian Terrace is a romantic restaurant in Sentul overseeing a scenic and beautiful lake. Founded by a pair of sisters who love Thai food, the restaurant serves a combination of traditional Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine with modern touches. Spend some intimate moments with your loved ones at this cosy restaurant while enjoying some mouth-watering delicacies, such as Samira’s Wheel of Platter, Mieng Kam, Seafood Tom Yam and Banana with Ice Cream.

3. Sentul Curry House

curry fish head, jalan ipoh, curry house, sentul, best food, restaurant
Established in 1972, Sentul Curry House is an old and well-known curry fish head restaurant at Jalan Ipoh in Sentul. The restaurant is extremely spacious with more than 40 round tables that can accommodate up to 400 people comfortably. A wide range of Indian dishes are available, including Chettinad Chicken, Curry Mutton, Sambal Sotong, Fried River Prawn and Curry Crab. You don’t want to miss their signature Curry Fish Head, which is prepared using thick and fragrant curry made from scratch in the kitchen.

4. Ah Yap Hokkien Mee

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The half-a-century old brand of Sentul Ah Yap is getting more and more popular in recent years, as the restaurant has opened many new outlets at shopping mall food courts, including Sungei Wang, Publika, and Avenue K. This restaurant in Sentul is the original shop of Ah Yap, where you can enjoy their well-known Hokkien Mee stir-fried using charcoal fire. Their Hokkien Mee is not as dark as other Hokkien Mee that you normally see, but very fragrant and full of “wok hei”. The success story of Sentul Ah Yap had been adapted into a local TV drama called Romantic Delicacies in 2009.

5. Jalan Sentul Nasi Lemak

jalan sentul, nasi lemak, restaurant
Located in front of Sayur-Sayuran Sentul Vegetarian Restaurant, this roadside Chinese Style Nasi Lemak stall in Sentul is extremely famous among the locals. When the stall starts operating at around 6pm, there's always a long queue in front of the stall. They offer plenty of spicy and delicious dishes, such as sambal prawn, sambal sotong, curry chicken, curry spare ribs, sausage, etc. We like their curry spare ribs with potatoes, which are dry yet very flavorful with a spicy kick!

6. Three Little Birds Coffee

three little birds, cafe, coffee, roaster, sentul, d7, restaurant
Nestled in the new office block of D7, Three Little Birds Coffee has quickly built its name as a café in Sentul offering fresh and top-quality coffee, as they have their own roaster located at a separate room right beside the café. Different coffee beans sourced from various countries are roasted at different days; hence, the taste might be different even if you order the same type of coffee when you revisit the café, which makes your coffee drinking experience more fun and full of pleasant surprises!

7. Bistro Richard

Bistro Richard, european, sentul park, escargot, seafood paella, sentul, restaurant
Located at the same place as Samira by Asian Terrace, Bistro Richard has become a popular restaurant in Sentul for special occasions, such as birthday, marriage proposal, or wedding anniversary. The restaurant’s ambiance is simply awesome, as it is located beside a Japanese fish pond surrounded by a lush green garden. The restaurant specializes in a wide range of European dishes, especially Spanish Cuisine. Tantalize your taste-buds with their specialty Escargot, Black Mussel Soup, and Seafood Paella.

8. Naili’s Place

naili's place, cafe, nasi lemak, sentul, restaurant
Opened its door to the public in 1997, Naili (meaning “achievement” in Arabic) is a spacious and unique café with a beach concept. Dining at this café makes you feel like having a vacation at a beach resort, as the interior is nicely decorated with attap houses and coconut trees. Both western and local dishes are available on the menu. One of the most popular dishes here is the Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken. The chicken is deep-fried to perfection with crispy skin and succulent meat. Visit these restaurants today to enjoy a sumptuous and satisfying meal! Click here for the Chinese version of this article.
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