8 Hot & New Restaurants in KL & PJ in October!
The biggest news for this month is definitely the opening of the first Hello Kitty Café in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid. Apart from that, famous lobster restaurant from Singapore, Pince and Pints, has also opened their first branch in KL this month. With these new restaurants in Klang Valley, F&B scene in Klang Valley is a lot more exciting!
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Check here for some new and popular restaurants to visit in October! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Hello Kitty Gourmet Café @ Sunway Pyramid

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After a long wait, the first Hello Kitty Café in Malaysia has finally opened at Sunway Pyramid end of last month. Everything here is about Hello Kitty, from the lovely paintings on the wall to adorable cupcakes with Hello Kitty faces. This new café in PJ is quite spacious with 2 floors of dining area. The ground floor is for desserts and beverages only, while the upper floor is for dining. Their signature Wonderland Waffles and Les Trois Quefs are popular among Hello Kitty fans.

2. Pince & Pints @ Bangsar

pince & pints, bangsar, kl, lobster, restaurant
Hailed from Singapore, Pince & Pints is a new Western restaurant in KL that is specializing in lobster dishes. Their 600g-650g live lobsters are directly imported from Boston, Maine, and Canada twice a week to ensure the lobsters are fresh and juicy. The lobster menu is relatively simple, as they only offer 6 cooking methods. We recommend their Lobster Noodles, which is stir-fried with ginger and spring onion in Cantonese style, just like our favorite Sang Har Mee! Each lobster dish is priced at RM158++.

3. Ten Years @ Sri Petaling

ten years, sri petaling, street food, restaurant
Occupying a spacious corner lot, Ten Years is a new restaurant in Sri Petaling that combines different heritage hawker food under one roof. Unlike other food courts with a similar concept, this restaurant gathers not only Chinese hawker food, but also Malay and Indian hawker food to reflect the diversity of Malaysian culture. At Ten Years, you can tantalize your taste-buds with many well-known street foods, including T&T Prawn Mee from Penang, Tiger CKT from Penang, and Kak Pah Nasi Dagang from Terengganu.

4. Slappy Cakes @ Publika

slappy cakes, publika, pancake, kl, restaurant
The first DIY pancake restaurant has arrived in Malaysia! Originated from Portland in the States, Slappy Cakes has overseas outlets in 4 countries, including Japan, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. What’s special about this new Western restaurant in KL is that customers can enjoy the fun of "drawing" and cooking their own pancakes! First, choose a barter (4 flavors are available). Second, when cooking the pancakes, you can add in some fixins, such as fruits, chocolate chips or nuts. Lastly, when the pancake is cooked, you can add some toppings to enrich the taste. So easy yet so fun!

5. Bean Brothers @ Damansara Perdana

bean brothers, damansara perdana, pj, cafe
Tucked away at a factory area at Damansara Perdana (PJ), Bean Brothers is a huge two-storey café originated from Korea. The café’s interior is designed in industrial style with cement walls and oil barrels. Another highlight is a big hole on the first floor, through which you can have a bird's eye view of what the baristas are doing downstairs. Customers can choose from 2 types of black coffee, either monthly limited or house-blend. All the coffees here are priced at a flat rate of RM12.

6. Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu @ Segambut

century, bai nian, yong tau foo, segambut, singapore
The famous Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu from Singapore has opened their first branch in Malaysia! Their Singapore style Niang Dou Fu (stuffed vegetables) is very different from the Yong Tau Foo that we normally have in Malaysia, as they are served with bee hoon, just like a bowl of fish ball noodles. The stuffed vegetables are all freshly made on the spot with prawn, fish or pork paste to sure they are fresh and springy. However, customers don’t get to choose what stuffed vegetables that they want, as all the ingredients are fixed for each bowl.

7. Koosh Koffeez @ Publika

koosh koffeez, cafe, publika, kl
Koosh Koffeez is one of the latest additions to the café scene in Publika, KL. The café’s interior is designed in MTV style with very cool sofas. They pride themselves for offering authentic specialty coffee that is brewed using high-quality Arabica beans. We recommend their Romeo, which is a mocha with rose syrup, and Baller Koffee, which comes with two dribbles of espresso and a glass of fresh milk served over a whiskey ball. Apart from coffee, they also offer a good selection of breakfast, main course, and waffle dessert.

8. Ong Lai @ Sunway Pyramid

ong lai, sunway pyramid, pj, pork, chinese restaurant
Many new restaurants have opened at the newly refurbished Oasis Boulevard at Sunway Pyramid, and one of them is Ong Lai, a Chinese restaurant in PJ specializing in local dishes with pork. They are under the same group as Morganfield’s. The menu features a wide selection of local cuisine, including breads, noodles, rice, soup, snacks and desserts. Some specialty dishes include Prawn Mee with Pork Ribs, Rice with Roast Pork Belly, Porridge with Pork Intestine, and Pork Satay.

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