8 Hot & New Restaurants in June!
The impact of GST on the F&B industry starts to take effect, as we can see the business of many restaurants and cafes is slowing down. However, some new restaurants with unique selling points are still able to cushion the impact and attract a steady stream of customers. Let’s take a look at some of these new players in town that manage to make some “noise” in the market in June.
macaroon ice cream, setapak
(The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Beary Potter Studio Café @ Connaught Avenue, Cheras

connaught avenue, cheras, beary potter, pottery class, pancake
Hidden at Connaught Avenue in KL, Beary Potter is a Japanese-inspired studio café, where you can not only chill out and drink some coffee, but also join their pottery classes to learn how to make a pottery with bare hands. Most of the classes, including classes for slab building and pottery wheel throwing, are offered in the weekends. Besides that, the café offers a good selection of sweet and savory pancakes. Some specialty pancakes include Shrimp Burger, Okonomiyaki, and Pancake Mango.

2. DC Comics Super Heroes Café @ Sunway Putra Mall

cafe, sunway putra mall, dc comics super heroes
Fans of DC comics’ super heroes rejoice! Now you can not only wear like a super hero, but also eat like a super hero at this new café in KL. Everything here is about super heroes. All items on the menu (which looks like a comic book) are specially crafted and designed to incorporate some super hero elements into it. For example, the Man of Steel Blue Curacao Soda is served a plastic cup that resembles Superman’s classic uniform, and Batman VS Hawkman is a charcoal burger with a Batman logo on the surface of the bun!

3. Negative Celsius @ PV128, Setapak

negative celsius, pv128, setapak, macaroon ice cream, dessert
Founded by a group of passionate young men in their early 20s, Negative Celsius is a mobile food truck based in Setapak. They specialize in macaroon ice cream burger, which is a creative dessert originally invented in Korea. By combining both macaroon and gelato into 1, customers get to experience the crispy texture of the macaroon and the soft and cold texture of the ice cream. Only 300 macaroon ice creams are offered daily. If you visit them in the weekends, be prepared to queue up for at least half an hour. Follow their Facebook for their latest location.

4. Stubborn Joe @ Dataran Prima, PJ

stubborn joe, dataran prima, cafe, western food
Founded by Joe, who is a professional interior designer, Stubborn Joe is a new café in PJ with stunningly beautiful interior design and decor. Wooden figurines seem to be the main concept of the café, as it can be seen on every table, and there is a wall filled with lots of wooden figurines in different poses. Food wise, the café offers an extensive menu of Western and local dishes. Some of the chef recommended items include Teriyaki Chicken Rice, Seafood Alio Olio, Braised Lamb Shank and Grilled Duck Breast with Red Wine Sauce.

5. Wicked Pancake Parlour @ Jalan Batai

wicked pancake parlour, jalan batai, dessert, yellow brick road
This new pancake specialty restaurant in KL is located on the first floor. It is run by the same owners as the Yellow Brick Road downstairs. Same as Yellow Brick Road, the menu here is sweet and simple. Customers get to choose from 8 different pancakes that are creatively named and carefully designed to impress the lovers of pancakes. Take the signature pancake, Apom Terbalik, for example, it reinvents our favorite Apom Balik by combining pancakes with toppings such as shredded coconut, crushed nuts, and sweet corn.

6. CaliBurger @ Avenue K

caliburger, burger, avenue k
Hailed from South California, CaliBurger has made its debut in Malaysia with their first outlet at Avenue K in KL. Although it’s a fast food restaurant, all the burgers here are freshly made to order at an open kitchen to ensure the burgers are fresh and hot when they reach your table. Customers will be given a small device, which will light up and buzz when their burgers are ready. Now, only 4 types of burger are available. For a value meal, opt for their Cali Combo with a burger, wild fries, and a refillable drink.

7. 2 Scones 1 Cup @ Section 17, PJ

2 scones 1 cup, section 17, pj, cafe, tea set
Situated at a quiet neighborhood in Section 17, 2 Scones 1 Cup is a new café in PJ that occupies a spacious corner lot. The café is one of very few cafés in Malaysia that specialize in British Scones. They rotate different flavors of scones every day. Some popular flavors include original, raisin and green tea. A wonderful tea set with scones and a few choices of delicious cakes and sandwiches paired with a pot of tea is also available. Apart from desserts and drinks, they also serve freshly cooked dishes, such as pasta, salmon steak and nasi lemak, to whet your appetite.

8. Flavourest Café @ Kelana Jaya

flavourest cafe, kelana jaya, zenith, bear theme
Located at a quiet commercial area called Zenith Corporate Park in Kelana Jaya, Flavourest Café is probably the only bear themed café in Klang Valley. Everything here is so cute, as the whole café is decorated with the owner’s personal collection of teddy bears. Some signature dishes and drinks here are decorated in the shape of a bear too, such as 3D Art Cappucino and the newly launched Teddy Bear Burger with a burger bun that is shaped like bear! Visit these new and hot restaurants today for some fantastic dining experience!

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