8 Hot & New Restaurants in April!
How time flies, it’s already the month of April! We know you love to have something interesting to ignite back the spark and faith to get some good food to overcome the GST blues! Prices might never be the same again, but it is all about the quality, isn’t it? So let’s look at these delicious yet MUST try hot & new restaurants this month!
Honey Toast, empire damansara, haraju cube
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1. Haraju-Cube @ Empire Damansara

Honey toast, empire damansara, haraju cube
The hottest talk of the town goes to Haraju-Cube this month! Being a newbie here at Empire Damansara, they are known for long queues, and young patrons are flocking to their shop daily! Their must order – Honey Toast! Toast in toasts, it has cream, ice-creams and fresh fruits or other toppings according to the flavor that your order. 8 mini toasts with strong honey and butter flavors are hidden inside. The Honey Toast is freshly baked in the kitchen, so if you’re going over for this goody, make sure you’ll be able to wait up to 30 minutes for it!

2. Starz Kitchen @ Dining Loft, Pavilion

左麟右李, starz kitchen, pavilion, dining loft, Hong Kong, 谭咏麟
Owned by two of the most well-known Hong Kong celebrity of Alan Tham & Hacken Lee, they have landed at Dining Loft here! Having so many patrons flocking to them daily just to get a taste of authentic Hong Kong cuisine! Food here is worth every single cent of yours as for its signature Wantan noodle, it is topped with fragrant prawn roes, and the noodles are slurpy yet springy with wantans that are fresh and wrapped with one prawn each! Besides, their Siew Mai too uses fresh prawns and it is just so good even to describe it! So many more good food to explore here, it’s time for a visit; perhaps you’ll see Alan & Hacken there one day!

3. Thai Food Truck @ Kepong

泰国小黄车, 甲洞
Located behind a temple at Kepong, this ‘little yellow’ food truck serves authentic yet scrumptious Thai food. Operated more than a year, but they got into the news recently and getting fame upon it. Long queues for good food are legit especially when you are craving for some good Tom Yam beehoon, Duck noodles or some Thai style seafood salad! The Tom Yam soup is just too good, flavourful and spicy! Sweats you up instantly, it is just too addictive! If you’re not keen to queue up for it, you may opt to get some take-away of Thai dessert like Mango sticky rice, Bubur cha-cha, Sago desserts and more!

4. Mini Melts @ Jaya Shopping Mall

Ice cream, mini melts, Korea, jaya shopping mall, pj
So many ice cream shops are blooming lately and each of them are unique too! This ice cream shop originated from Korea, Mini Melts is indeed unique. Small and rounded ice balls are made from an imported machine from Korea; required to chill it at about negative (-) 40 degrees to make sure its shape is there. Because of its small size, it is easy to mix flavors in a cup. Like the Rainbow taste, it is made from a few types of fruits flavour and gives you a uniquely good flavour bursting inside your mouth! Cool!

5. BingSu Café @ Uptown, PJ

bingsu cafe, dessert, korean dessert, uptown, pj
Another newly-opened dessert shop at Uptown. They specialize in Korean Bingsu dessert. The bingsu is topped with interesting ingredients, like fresh fruits, cream, ice creams and fruit maltose too! Melts in the mouth, you get to taste some milky taste from the shaved ice too! Their famous Durian Mango Bingsu, uses D24 Durian and fresh mangos which makes this dessert the bomb! While another bestseller is Blueberry Cheese Bingsu! A bowl that is full with berries and each bite and scoop gives you the best flavors you could ask for!

6. Buns & Meat @ Lakefields, Sungai Besi

buns & meat, hamburger, hotdog, lakefield, sungai besi
A new burger place at Lakefields, their best sellers is Pork burgers, Pork sausages and Pork Ribs! A must try would be their ‘The Runny Mess’ Pork Burger, that consist of a runny egg on top of the patty and upon the first bite, it is indeed a mess – but a good one. Besides pork burgers, they too had the best pork ribs too! Choices of two sauces of BBQ Sauce or Korean Spicy sauce to pair with your ribs too! The best pork place for burgers and ribs? Get to Buns & Meat today!

7. Wanderlust @ Solaris Mont Kiara

wanderlust, solaris, mont kiara, salmon, gua bao
Formerly Solaris Mont Kiara’s Departure Lounge, they are now Wanderlust! A place not just for good coffees, but for good food too! Getting compliments from many patrons, they serve food with all of their effort and heart. To ensure their food is up to par, the boss here carefully studies to create some great invention to cater to your fussiness! One of Wanderlust’s signature dishes would be Salmon steak with Squid Ink Pasta – grilled salmon that is just nice and pair with squid ink pasta that is rich in flavour and outstanding taste too! Another signature would be the Gua Bao – fluffy buns that wraps up the curry chicken meat in between, some is steamed and some is fried till crispy!

8. Sangkaya

sangkaya, jalan alor, ice cream, coconut
Specialize on selling coconut ice cream, Sangkaya is now the latest hottest ice cream you should try! Sangkaya’s first stall is actually located at Jalan Alor (which is not far away from Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings); they are now having so many outlets up until Melaka! Why are they worth your try? Because they are made of pure ingredients from the coconut itself! From its flesh to the juice and coconut milk, its end result is so fragrantly good! Uses the coconut shell as the bowl to put the ice cream, they have a special tool to scrape the flesh out, thus you’ll be able to eat the coconut flesh too! Click here for Chinese article version.
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