8 Chap Fan (Mixed Rice) With Most Dishes in KL, PJ and Subang Jaya
Chap Fan, Zhap Fan, Mixed Rice, Economy Rice, KL, PJ, 80 Dishes, 70 Dishes
Mixed rice or known as Economy rice is no longer unfamiliar to us. For working adults that lack of time to cook, you can always get to the nearest place to get your lunch or dinner fixed. Mixed rice is so convenient that everything is ready cooked and all you need to do is just to get there and select your favorite Malaysian cuisine according to your cravings and appetite of the day. What’s better is we’ve try our very best to search up high and low to get the best mixed rice stalls to satisfy you! Unlike the normal stalls, these selected mixed rice restaurants can cook up to almost 70 or 80 dishes daily! Indeed appetizing as they gave you so many choice and it is so hard to please your appetite at once! Now, be ready for an overwhelming appetite when you browse through all these best mixed rice restaurant from the article below! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. 126 Mixed Rice Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

126, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan, KL, Sri Petaling, Vege126, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan, KL, Sri Petaling, Vege
This mixed rice stalls is located at Sri Petaling, just the same lot as the famous Clan Restaurant. This place is completely swamp with patrons during lunch and dinner time. When you enter, from the starting point till the counter; counting almost 50 over dishes, it is one stretch long of food that you can choose ranging from fried vegetables, tofu, fish, chicken with various cooking style, fried squid, baked beans, eggs or even sweet and sour pork. So vibrant and many to choose from and price range is really moderate. When most of us usually do not spend on drinks as we might want to save up a little bit, the restaurant owner decided to provide free Chinese tea here! Wide selection, fresh and appetite pleasing mixed rice you can get here!

2. Restaurant Sun Gee @ Taman Muda

Sun Gee, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan, KL, Taman Muda, FamousSun Gee, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan, KL, Taman Muda, Famous
Located along the stretch of food stalls in Taman Muda’s Wai Sek Kai, there is a few mixed rice stalls but you will notice that most of the patrons there will recommend you to the best mixed rice, Restaurant Sun Gee. Same atmosphere as above mentioned, where people swamp the stall during lunch time. Having more than 50 dishes at this stall, it is so hard to decide if you would want to have simple yet satisfying meal or heavy and pleasing dishes. Remember to decide fast as you might miss out the chance to scoop that dish that you’ve been eyeing since you reach the stall. This stall’s dishes are selling quite fast. About 2pm, you can see the lady boss starting to scoop the remaining dishes into a small plate. They serve free soup and free Chinese tea too!

3. Baba’s Nasi Lemak @ SS2 Wai Sek Kai

SS2, Baba Nasi Lemak, Wai Sek Kai, Food Court, Famous,  Chap Fan, Zhap FanSS2, Baba Nasi Lemak, Wai Sek Kai, Food Court, Famous, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan
While the name of this stall suggest you another thought, rest assured that they too serve mixed rice in Nyonya cooking style. One of the best choices for mixed rice here in SS2! Up to 20 over types of dishes here, the stall is usually crowded with many patrons; so expect to see a long queue as it is open only at 6pm onwards. Perhaps the price here isn’t really ‘economic’, ranging from the types of food you picked. But rest assured, you will sure to compliment the food here and pay them a visit soon enough. Well-balanced taste and good mixture of spiciness taste, the dishes here is masterfully executed as it is not over salted or overly sweet. Do give it a try when you drop by SS2 Wai Sek Kai’s food court!

4. Restaurant Jia Xiang @ Pudu

Pudu, Jia Xiang, Mixed Rice, Crowded, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan,Pudu, Jia Xiang, Mixed Rice, Crowded, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan,
Well, Pudu is known as they do have quite some good food that you can get there. Nonetheless, you can get one of the best mixed rice with over 50 dishes at this restaurant. The dishes here are freshly cooked daily to ensure food is not served soggy. Homemade style food that consist of pork, chicken, fish, vegetables and even steamed eggs; there are just too many dishes to choose from. Here, they have at least more than 10 types of cooking style for just a particular pork meat. Interesting isn’t it? Not forgetting, they do get their fried chicken being fried till crispy and juicy meat inside. Too many appetizing dishes to select; what should you begin with? Make you choice here today!

5. Restaurant Cha Cha Bo @ Mahkota Cheras

Mahkota Cheras, Cha Cha Bo restaurant, Cheras, KL, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan,Mahkota Cheras, Cha Cha Bo restaurant, Cheras, KL, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan,
Mahkota Cheras is gaining its fame through good food at its area recently. Located just opposite row of Taste Gallery here, this mixed rice restaurant recently gained a lot of nearby residences support as during dinner time, it is packed with many patrons ranging from couples to whole family to dine here. Took up 2 shoplots, you might think what is so good about their food too? No doubt, the best mixed rice here is freshly cooked and they have almost up to 70 dishes served daily. Vegetables and braised meat can be clearly seen that many patrons scoop on their plate. Belly-satisfaction, you might want to try its bitter gourd cooked with egg and broth, curry chicken, seafood tofu with minced meat and not forgetting braised pork with potatoes! The owner too provides free soup and free Chinese tea that you can refill if you need more liquid.

6. Tar Chong Mix Rice @ Kota Damansara

Tar Chong Restaurant, PJ, Kota Damansara, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap FanTar Chong Restaurant, PJ, Kota Damansara, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan
Located at the same row as Snowflake in Kota Damansara, this mixed rice restaurant too serves up to 80 dishes. Upon entering, get a plate of rice or porridge from the waiter and be prepared to spoil yourself with choices. From the first dish at the starting point till the end, just too many delicious food in front of your eyes making it harder to decide. Dishes here are easier to pair with porridge too as you can easily see a dish of anchovies with peanuts, braised potatoes, luncheon meat or soft silky steamed eggs. Noteworthy dishes to keep you satiate with comfy delicious food!

7. Fatty Mixed Rice @ Sri Petaling

Fatty Mixed Rice, Sri Petaling, KL, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap FanFatty Mixed Rice, Sri Petaling, KL, Mixed Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan
Serving for years at Sri Petaling, most probably Fatty Mixed Rice is something not new to you. Having almost 60 over dishes here in this mixed rice restaurant, this shop has two entrances as it is opened up from the front until the back. There’s where the dishes are displayed from the front until the back. Dishes here are slightly different like huge chicken thigh meat, assam sour and spicy vegetable, acar vegetables, roast pork and the fried chicken is crispy too! A norm for mixed rice restaurant to serve you with free soup and Chinese tea, Fatty Mixed Rice is the same too! Remember to visit this restaurant and try out the mentioned dishes too!

8. Wang Zi Mix Rice Restaurant @ Taipan Business Centre

Wang Zi Mix Rice, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan, Subang, Taipan USJ, Chap Fan, Zhap Fan, Subang USJ 10, Mixed RiceWang Zi Mix Rice, Subang, Taipan USJ, Subang USJ 10, Mixed Rice
At Wang Zi Mix Rice, you can easily spot at least 70 to 80 dishes here. Cooked fresh daily and they too are crowded during the peak hours. Perhaps the huge prawn might catch your attention as not many of the above mentioned serve huge prawn. Not just that, they have another dish of curry pork meatballs too which is equally good! Not forgetting, they do serve normal rice or brown rice here! A meal accompanied with free Chinese tea and soup of the day, how nice! Hunt for the Hottest Nasi Lemak in KL Search for the Best Chinese Restaurants in KL

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