8 Cafés in Sri Hartamas You Totally Need to Check Out!
Sri Hartamas is one of the best places for the best café experiences. In fact, the region is actually home to some of the most unique cafés out there. Despite being near KLCC, it’s actually a fairly peaceful area that’s free of any noise; a huge contrast to the atmosphere you may be used to in KLCC. The choices for good cafés are endless here at Sri Hartamas. Which one of these 8 cafés will you choose?

Open-air cafés aren’t common in Kuala Lumpur. Rubberduck happens to be one of those uncommon ones. Instead of pretty interiors, Rubberduck relies on it being an open-air café to deliver the most suitable ambience. Step in and you’d see that many of their patrons are foreigners — a clear sign that Rubberduck will be worth your time. The food is rich in not only flavour, but also nutrients! With selections that cover Smoothie Bowl, Poke Bowl, fried chickens and cakes, you’d be spoiled for choice.

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Tray Café is a bakery-cum-café that specializes in pastries and confectioneries, but they don’t stop there – they also serve main courses! Patrons are extremely enthusiastic about their sherry-infused Tiramisu Cake, for its flavour boasts a mixture of espresso and alcoholic undertones. The menu highlights anything from sandwiches to pastas, cappuccino to mocha; everything ideal for an afternoon tea session.

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No, this place isn’t an actual forum for you to rant about your bad days in, but you can come in for a cup of coffee to make your day better! The surroundings are mostly windows, relying on natural lighting for ambience. Diversity isn’t limited to just food; the coffee is also broad in options here. Fruit juices and alcoholic beverages are also readily available for your consumption. Relax and get the chill you deserve here!

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The “Prep Room” indeed — a very fitting name for them considering all food here is handmade from scratch. Yes, all food. That Jalapeno Pulled Chicken Burger you’re seeing on the menu? Handmade. Broccoli and pumpkin soups? Handmade. Even their menu is hand-drawn! How awesome is that? Their effort clearly shows in every single aspect of their work. The sheer deliciousness of their food will be the number one factor in you coming back again and again for more rounds!

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Fancy a café with a beautiful view of the town? Proof Café & Sky Lounge will be your date. Located at The Signature, this café-cum-lounge flaunts taste in not only food, but also aesthetics. Customers may not sip a cuppa while admiring the view outside the windows. Desserts are our highest recommendations at Proof Café. Look through the chiller and get what your eyes (and taste buds) may fancy to complete your experience!

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Breafruits takes health very seriously and it shows in their food. Putting a healthy spin to their dishes, Breadfruits whips up everything from sandwiches to pastas, burgers to platters. If you’re a pasta fanatic, the Brunch Pasta that comes with an egg cooked for 7 minutes. Crack it and mix it with the noodles and ingredients (that include delightful amount of bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and rocket leaves) for one of the most heavenly experience you’d ever have!

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Gelato is the star of the show at Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe. Coffees, waffles and churros are also available to further spice up your afternoon. The flavours for their gelato change every now and then; static in selection of flavours is not a thing with their ice-cream, so you’d best be there and pick whatever you may fancy. Their gelatos are cooling and sweet but not overwhelming, making it for a great treat to have on a hot day.

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This café is actually a Korean restaurant, but they also double as an ideal destination for café hunters. The environment is extremely comfortable and the coffee culture here shouldn’t be underestimated. Only high quality beans are used to brew the coffee, so a fresh fix of caffeine is never impossible with Café Olle. Here are two excuses for you to make Café Olle your next brunch stop: Waffle Beef Burger and Seoul Toast.

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