8 Best Picks for Japanese Udon Noodles in KL & PJ!
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These noodles can be served cold or hot, soupy or dry and they are thick in texture. Chewy and al-dente, they are the best noodle served in Japanese restaurants! They are surely a good choice for strong-flavored dishes as they are more to a neutral flavor. Because it is the best choice if you love to have something that is chewy yet good in texture, a bowl of Udon noodles would be just too good to describe. These picks would surely be your favorite when you gave them a try! Let’s peek at these Japanese restaurants that serve a bowl of favorable Udon noodles in KL & PJ! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Marufuku Udon @ Jaya One

Marufuku Udon, Jaya One, PJ, Japanese Udon, Noodles
A reasonable place for some good and delicious bowl of udon? Then this Japanese restaurant would be something you should look for. Having so many choice of Udon’s to try here, it is best to go with few of your friends or even your family! From sides to salad, tempura and dessert, they do have 3 wide selections of Udon – Classic Udon range, YakiUdon and Nabeyaki Udon. To get the fullest taste from a bowl of Udon, try their House special Udon – Half boiled egg with delicate soy sauce base, for something classic and spicy do try Mapo – house made bean sauce spiced with Szechuan peppercorn. Gyuniku Nabe – thin slices of beef in soy sauce base is equally fragrant and delicious too! Head over to Marufuku if you’re craving for a bowl now!

2. Udon-ya San @ Pandan Indah

Udon-ya San, Pandan Indah, Japanese Udon, Noodles
Located at Pandan Indah, this hidden gem is indeed one of the Japanese restaurant that you should hunt them down for some good Udon noodle fix in KL. Cosy and clean environment, not to mention the price here is affordable too. A must try - their premium bowl of Mentaiko Udon that will blow you away! Served in creamy roe sauce and topped with generous scoop of Mentaiko for more richness in a bowl. Apart from that, they have Carbonara Udon too! Just get there to try out one of the best Japanese Udon noodles in KL and you’ll get what we are saying!

3. Hanamaru Udon @ Mid Valley

Yoshinoya, Hanamaru Udon, Mid Valley, Japanese Udon, Noodles
Usually crowded during lunch or dinner hours and over the weekends, they are a self service outlet that provides fast and good standard Japanese Udon noodles in KL! Their noodles are freshly made daily! Having quite some choices of Udon you may get from them, let us begin with a bowl of basic goodness. Ontama Bukkake Udon, with a perfectly poached egg on top, and served with a lightly taste broth that is made of dried kelp and sardines. The Udon texture too is really good, springy and chewy, together with that egg; it will not disappoint you very sure! Look forward to their chef’s specialty; they have Curry Udon too! The noodles are kept not longer than 30 minutes to ensure you get the best texture from it!

4. Ori-Udon @ Mid Valley

Ori-Udon, Mid Valley, Japanese Udon, Noodles
Regular patrons to Mid Valley will not find this Japanese restaurant strange and new anymore because when you crave for Udon noodles in KL, Ori-Udon is there for you! Yet another place that is usually swamped with patrons during the peak hours. A bowl of Curry Udon is the key to begin! It is fragrant, flavorful and filling! Having a poached egg on top; burst the yolk to have your curry thicker and much more fragrant! Apart from Udon, they do serve rice and delicious snacks like karaage chicken, kakiage and some other skewers! Service is good, fast and friendly waiters too!

5. Nana’s Green Tea @ One Utama

Nana's Green Tea, Mid Valley, Japanese Udon, Noodles
Still the talk of the town when mentioned about green tea and its related desserts, Nana’s Green Tea tops it all. But when it comes to main food, do you realize they too serve Udon? One of the most ordered Udon here would be the Chicken Karaage Curry Udon. Chewy udon texture; alongside with the crispy Chicken Karaage and Japanese curry broth that is thick and very flavorful. A bowl of warm and hearty Udon here is filling and keeps you happy too! Of course they do have other Udon’s too like Wakame Tamago Udon or the pinkish broth of Seafood Mentaiko Udon with Cream Sauce!

6. Kodawari Menya Udon @ 1 Mont Kiara

Kodawari Menya Udon, 1 Mont Kiara, Japanese Udon, Noodles
Finally having an outlet here at 1 Mont Kiara, specializes in Sanuki Udon from Kagawa prefecture, Japan. A self-service concept restaurant, from choosing your Udon and tempura, then proceed to the counter for payment. Simple steps to enjoy a bowl of slurpy good Udon will then begin! Looking at a bowl of Beef Niku Udon, what makes it tastes good is the savoury broth and thinly sliced beef makes it a good texture when eaten with the Udon! Serves cold Udon as well, it is so smooth and the cold dipping sauce is indeed perfect!

7. Sanuki Udon @ Taman Desa

Sanuki Udon, Taman Desa, Taman Bukit Desa, Japanese Udon, Noodles
Yet another Japanese restaurant with good Udon noodles spotted in KL. A simple looking shop, but surprisingly owned by Japanese chef and the Udon noodles are freshly made daily. A bowl of House special with poached egg and cold Udon noodles would be perfect for the hot weather lately. Split the poached egg up and mix the yolk with the noodles, so you can taste a bowl of creamy yet satisfying Udon noodles! Karaage and tempura is available as snacks here and if you’re looking for skewers, they are only available after 5.30pm! This place is packed with patrons too during the peak hours, so be there early and join the crowd for bowls of delicious Udon noodles!

8. Manmaru Homemade Udon @ Mid Valley

Manmaru Udon, Mid Valley, Japanese Udon, Noodles
Another Udon restaurant in a shopping mall that satisfies your cravings when you are tempted for a bowl of delicious Udon in KL! Having an open kitchen concept, where you can see them kneading the noodles to cooking it. A bowl of Cream Corn Udon would be good, just like having cream corn soup but adding Udon noodles into it. Never thought that this would be a good combo! Light and not cloying, a must try too! Other flavor includes Kimchi, Curry and crispy tempura and karaage to sum up everything!

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