7 Wonderful Milkshakes You Should Totally Try
Milkshakes bring all the boys and girls to the yard! We know your attention is most likely on milk tea right now, but milkshakes are just as tasty, you know? It may not be as easy to drink, but the thick texture and sweetness always win us over — and they should win you over, too! If you’re still not convinced, maybe these milkshakes will do the job.

Patissez is an Australian café known for their “Freakshakes” — milkshakes that are freaky in size and toppings! If you lurk around Instagram a lot, we’re pretty sure you have seen pictures of the Pretzella at some point – a milkshake made from lashings of Nutella and crushed salty pretzels (topped with whipped cream and Nutella-dunked pretzel). We highly recommend this to all Nutella lovers. Fancy red velvet cake? Awesome, because Patissez has a red velvet cake milkshake, too!

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Headed by a former engineer who decided to subject milkshakes to his creativity, The Original Milkshake Co. kicks up milkshakes that are topped with cakes! He sure stays true to his name, because there are nothing but original milkshakes at The Original Milkshake Co., combining ingredients like carrots, peanut butter, vanilla, marshmallows, etc. to create delectable beverages. The best part is, they’re not overwhelming in terms of sweetness!

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Killer Gourmet Burgers kill people with their juicy burgers, but you know what else they kill people with? Milkshakes! Only three milkshakes are available on their menu, but that doesn’t stop them from securing a spot on this list. It’s hard to not give them a shout-out when they have the cavities-inducing Nutella S’mores; hazelnut chocolate topped with campfire marshmallows. We're also pretty high on the Salted Caramel Pralines.

Garage 51 aims to dominate the freakshake scene with their own version of freakshake – and boy, are they freaky. Their freakshakes are known as the “Messed-up Family”, with each milkshake named after a family position. The Father is a chocolate with peanut butter milkshake, while The Mother is a green tea with natural honey sweetness milkshake. We actually recommend The Son the most — Nutella with hints of hazelnut. Cooling, savoury and most importantly, chocolate-y! Also, did we mention they serve their milkshakes with syringes?

Milkshake Factory indeed — where all your milkshake dreams come true. Over 30 different types of milkshakes are available, with some of them making blends of ingredients we all grew up with. The Coco Loco is a milkshake of Snickers and pandan coconut, while the Cookie Hookie is a blend of Famous Amos cookies and Hershey’s chocolate. Only fat-free milk is used. You can also customize your own milkshake if you wish!

At 3 Bags Full, Monster Shakes take the spotlight with their monstrous amount and size. Indeed, they’re not for the faint-hearted, as you’d become a monster yourself once you start digging into them! The Frankenstein is one hefty and tough monster, made up of banana, Nutella, salted caramel cake and Oreo. Fans of this particular beast will surely enjoy taking it a part and sucking the life out of it dry.

Milkshake Bros allows you to entirely customize your own milkshake. Start by choosing a milkshake base; split into three sections of basic, fruit and premium, with flavours going anywhere from the classic vanilla to Horlics, durian to honey dew, peanut butter banana to chocolate strawberry. Next, choose your add-ons (crushed Oreos, peanuts or chips) and toppings (wafers, Oreos or cornflakes), but they’re also completely optional if you want your milkshake pure!
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