7 Restaurants to Visit When You’re at Rawang!

Never thought that you’ll end up at Rawang here and totally had no idea what you should eat here? Besides coming to the famous Sekeping Serendah glass house here, perhaps it’s time to head up here for some delicious food finds too. Rawang sounds far to you? Perhaps just about 30 – 40 minutes’ drive all the way from Sungai Buloh!

Tom Yam Restaurant

Located at Serendah here, this stall doesn’t have any visible signage but the locals here calls it ‘Serendah Tomyam’.Many were here for the Tom Yam and serve Thai style dishes that’s equally spicy and delicious. Spicy and promising, Sambal Petai dish and Special Sauce Fried Fish a must order!

2. Kedai Kopi Yee Kee

If you’re here early, then head over to this place where you’ll enjoy authentic egg swiss roll that has the Kaya thickly spread inside, fragrant and spongy. Not only that, butter cake was good too. Other than that, they do have noodles and something that worth the visit would be the ‘Egg Tea’ dessert. Give this a try!

3. R Cheng Fei Zhou Wan Tan Mee

Always had the ordinary Wantan Mee isn’t it? But when you are here, do not miss out this special Wantan Mee with Tilapia fish! One and only restaurant that sells this dish, choose from 5 different cooking styles like ginger sauce, soy sauce, curry, bean sauce and garlic sauce. Unlike the ordinary, your Wantan mee actually serves alongside with the fish on the same steaming plate; fresh fish and springy handmade Wantan mee, thumbs up!

4. Ho Ho Food Station

Opposite of Tesco, look out for Ho Ho’s signage. What the locals love most from this restaurant would be the chicken chop especially in salted egg sauce! Crispy, tender and juicy chicken meat, they do have grilled chicken thigh that many patrons would order too. Not only that, they have much delicious food for you to choose from like pasta, fried rice, Satay chicken chop or Cempedak cake too!

5. Biao Ji Kopitiam

Tri-color Pan Mee? Isn’t it special? The color wasn’t additives but instead, it is derived from vegetables and totally natural coloring. Made from spinach and pumpkin for green and orange color – this bowl of pan mee looks so colorful and appetizing! Smooth pan mee ate with the basic ingredients that a bowl of pan mee should have, worth trying for sure!

6. Lan Je Restaurant

The infamous Lan Je – ‘one fish per person’ were still in the debate by most patrons. Stuck in between love and hate; they are still getting regular visits from patrons. Known for the steamed tilapia fish that’s fresh and fleshy, many enjoyed the tilapia fish steamed in bean sauce that’s spicy and salty.

7. Sin Loong Kee Restaurant

Must try here would be the homemade ‘Lao Shu Fen’ that isn’t the same as the ones you had outside. Thinner and rounder, enjoy it in soup or dry with minced meat. Packed with patrons especially in the morning, remember to try it when you’re at Rawang!

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