7 Must Try Food at Lakefields Sungai Besi!
Lakefields, Sungai Besi, KL, Bites Cafe
Lakefields, a place that is located at Sungai Besi area. This place is easily connected through MRR2, KL – Seremban Highway, and is quite near to Sri Petaling too! If you’re taking public transport, they have a LRT Station there too! This place might be new to you, but there are a few cafés nestling here for some time that’s perfectly good to chill and spend your time here! What could be more delicious than these restaurants and cafés? Hunt them down today! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Bites Café

Bites, Lakefields, Sungai Besi, The French, Waffles
At Bites, they uses bright and cheerful color and decoration that will sure to give you a cozy feeling! Being the talk of the town recently, bet you’ve seen their food pictures on most social media’s lately! To begin, do try their ‘The French’ – French toast with chicken ham & cheese, maple syrup, some greens and it is topped with a sunny side-up! Sweet and savory toast indeed. Then, Nutella Pizza – covered with banana and strawberry slices, this sweet piece of pizza dessert is crunchy and appetizing! Who will say NO to Nutella, right? Apart from these, another must try would be their Waffle with Salted Gula Melaka ice-cream served with caramelized bananas! Crunchy yet soft waffles with 2 scoops of ice cream; a valid reason that it’s a must to visit this café in Sungai Besi!

2. Buns & Meat

Buns & Meat, Lakefields, Pork Burger, Char Siew Burger, Pulled Pork Pizza, Sungai Besi
This cafe had nestled in Sungai Besi for more than a month, their burgers is surely worth for you to make a short trip to this area. Serves burgers, pizzas and snacks, this place is sure the best place for porky enthusiast! Their burgers like the Pork Bacon and Cheese Burger, thick and juicy patty with bacon strips and melted cheese tastes superbly awesome! While the Grilled Chicken Burger with Cheese and Black Pepper sauce too juicy yet tender chicken meat with savory black pepper sauce! If one porky burger is not enough for you, they have others like Char Siew Pork burger, Pulled Pork Pizza and some snacks like Luncheon Fries too! If you’re not an outdoor-ish person, you may sit inside The Library, because they are connected too!

3. PH Pastry

PH Pastry, Lakefields, Sungai Besi, Apple strudel, Pavlova, Pastries
Being relocated from their old location at Jalan Imbi, they are now operating in Sungai Besi! While location changed, they still remain the same concept and ambience and welcoming more new patrons from the nearby neighbourhood. Serves delectable cakes and desserts to main course, you shouldn’t miss their Signature Apple strudel! Flaky, crunchy and deliciously good fillings of apples and custard cream fillings, with powdered sugar on top. This piece is good for sharing too! As for mains, one of their signature dish would be their Thai Green Curry Pasta that is equally good too! It is very fragrant as they use Lychee as one of the ingredient in it! This place is surely worth your time to satisfy your dear tummy!

4. Abah & Sons Co

Abah & Sons Co, Moto gallery, Vespa, Lembretta, Lakefields, Sungai Besi
A café in Sungai Besi that is cozy and relaxing; filled with so many awesome collections. This café will sure to delight foodie enthusiast and automotive maniacs! Surrounded by Vespas and Lambrettas, there are too some skateboards being hung on the wall and decorated like a frame itself there. Not just a pure gallery, you can admire those motorcycles and enjoy your food there too! Trying this Chocolate Motostick out, it is served with a foamed Hot Milk and a stick of chocolate in a motorcycle shape; dip them up for a smooth and tasty chocolaty drink! Besides, they do serve mains like Salmon Rosti, which is equally delish too!

5. 1 2 Juice

1 2 Juice, Fruit Juice, Juice Bar, Lakefields, Sungai Besi
Living a hectic lifestyle and always thought of cutting down on carbonated drinks and opt for something healthier? Then this juice bar in Sungai Besi is surely your healthy choice! Having a juice bar at this area is a good option. This juice bar is unique too. Choices of 4 Core fruits per cup or you would love to add 1 optional fruit, every cup cost just RM12! Be it 4 fruits in a cup or 5 fruits in a cup, pick their fresh fruits available from the counter and their friendly waitresses will juice them up for you! What’s attractive is that you can even pick a mood sticker and they’ll paste them on your cup! Do you still remember the ‘1, 2, jus’ game during your childhood time? Then you should head to 1 2 Juice for a perfect cuppa healthy juice!

6. Min Kee Noodle House

Wantan Mee, Wan Tan Mee, Curry Laksa, Min Kee, Lakefields, Sungai Besi
All in for Chinese food and your favourite is Wan Tan Mee? There you go. Min Kee Noodle House in Sungai Besi serves deliciously good freshly made noodles used in every bowl of their noodle dishes especially their Wan Tan Mee! From Wantan mee to flat soy noodles, they have more than 15 choices of noodles to choose from like Char Siew Wan Tan Mee, Dry Curry Chicken Mee, Dumplings mee, Siu Yuk (Roasted Pork) Noodles – everything just taste good from them! Smooth and springy noodles, the broth for the soup noodles are flavorful too! Clean environment and good food, surely worth your time here!

7. Top Steak House

Wantan Mee, Wan Tan Mee, Curry Laksa, Min Kee, Lakefields, Sungai Besi
If you are craving for steaks and western foods, then this is the place for you! Serves certified Halal steaks and chops; they have so many good choices for you to choose from their menu! Ranging from Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb or even Pastas – not to mention their portion is big, but their price is affordable too. Be it grill chicken or cheese macaroni, these selection of food will sure to make you drool! Besides the western selection from their menu, they do have sizzling hot plate noodles or rice to choose from! Remember to be there earlier during dinner time, as they are usually crowded!
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