7 Hot & New Cafés in Puchong!
Two new places in Puchong are getting very happening lately. One is the new PFCC building at Bandar Puteri, where you can find a few new cafés and restaurants at the ground floor, including the popular Walnut Café with bright and stylish interior. Another commercial building that has become extremely popular in recent months is the newly built Kompleks Kenari, which houses a few famous F&B brands, including Moonlight Cake House, Sushi Zento, and OLDTOWN.
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Here are some new and popular cafés to check out if you happen to drop by these 2 areas. (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Moonlight Cake House @ Kompleks Kenari

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Following the success of the first branch in Sri Petaling, Moonlight Cake House has recently opened another branch at Kenari Kompleks. This new outlet in Puchong is a huge success too, as it is running full house almost every night. This spacious cake shop offers a wide range of breads, pastries, and cakes that are freshly made and beautifully displayed. Ala carte dishes and coffee are also available at the dining area on the first floor.

2. Walnut Café & Bar @ PFCC

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Located at a corner lot at PFCC building, Walnut is a beautiful café and bar that is designed in contemporary and chic style with floor-to-ceiling windows. If you visit this new cafe in Puchong with a friend, remember to order their signature Lemongrass White Tea served in a barrel. The white tea is very rich in the aroma of lemongrass. The menu features a complete range of ala carte dishes. A must-try is their Sizzling Pan Sear Dragon Grouper with a big piece of dragon grouper that is very fresh and tender.

3. Bow Wow Café @ Kompleks Kenari

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Although Bow Wow Café is located on the first floor, it’s hard not to notice new cafe in Puchong when walking by at night, because the café’s interior can be clearly seen from the outside through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Bow Wow is probably the only dog café in Puchong. Upon entering the café, you’ll see a cute pug running around in the café. Customers are also more than welcome to bring their pet dogs to the café to have fun. A good selection of Western dishes and coffee are offered here too!


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Located at the same building as Walnut Café, MISS is a cozy and lovely café to visit for delicious desserts, especially waffle and honey toast. Their signature Classic Waffle is a must-have. It’s served with crispy and fragrant waffles topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and fresh strawberry. Their newly launched Honey Toast is also very popular among patrons. What’s more, this café in Puchong has a special love lock corner for guests to keep their sweet memories.

5. Taiping Pao Pao @ Bandar Puteri

taiping pao pao, bandar puteri, puchong, char siew pao, hainan pao
Situated at Bandar Puteri, Taiping Pao Pao is a very unique new café specializing in Taiping hawker food and Hainan Pao. The café has an open kitchen in front, where you can see how different types of Hainan Pao, including Char Siew Pao, Mui Choy Pao, Red Bean Bun and Sweet Potato Bun, are freshly steamed on the spot. Apart from Hainan Bun, the café also offers some delicious Taiping style hawker food, such as Ah Ma Kon Lou Mee, Homemade Har Mee and Braised Chicken Feet Noodle, to tease your taste-buds!

6. Where Else @ Jalan Kenari

where else cafe, jalan kenari, western, pasta, coffee, puchong
Located right opposite the new Sushi Zento, Where Else is a Western café with a romantic theme. Occupying two shop lots, this café in Puchong is beautifully designed in neoclassical style with shiny chandelier and romantic wall paintings. Some specialty items that are worth trying include Chicken Baked Rice, Mixed Seafood Aglio Olio, and Sirloin Beef Steak. They have some creative drinks too, like Crème Brulee Coffee and Sesame Affogato.

7. Photograffee Café @ Jalan Kenari

photograffee, cafe, puchong, jalan kenari, waffle
The first café in Klang Valley with a photography theme! When stepping into the café, you will be greeted by a huge camera painting on the wall at the end of the café. Many photography works are displayed on the wall too, including some surreal scenery photos taken by the café’s owner himself. At this new café in Puchong, you can not only fill your palate with simple western dishes, such as soup, pasta, and chicken chop, but also satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious waffles.
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